· Where is the breakthrough in the automatic transmission industry?

In 2014, based on the automatic transmissions of SAIC, BYD DCT, Chery, Hunan Rongda CVT, etc., the 8AT Landwind X5 independently developed by Shengrui Transmission was launched, marking that China's independent automatic transmission has entered the critical stage of industrialization. .
The development of national brands inspiring China's auto-transmissions from scratch, after years of hard work, successfully realized the transition from concept to sample, from sample to product, from product to commodity, and began to go from the laboratory to the market. Taking Shengrui's 8AT as an example, 9500 units of production and sales have been completed since the listing in the second half of 2014. At present, it has formed a scale of 2,000 units per month, and an automated production line with an annual output of 100,000 units has been built. ability. It can be said that this is the ability to form an independent supplier of non-automakers, and it is a new model needed for China's auto transmission industry to open up the market.
For the automatic transmission in the critical period of industrialization, how can the market be opened steadily and quickly, Li Shengqi, secretary-general of China Automotive Automatic Transmission Innovation Alliance, put forward a clear view to the reporter of China Industry News: the beatings are everywhere, everything is subject to people, only the key technologies are overcome. In order to control the market, formulate rules, and get the right to speak.
Li Shengqi introduced that the demand for automatic transmissions in the domestic auto market is strong, and product diversification and versatility have become the mainstream of automobile demand. At present, the national strategy for automobile development is also gradually adjusted as the macro economy under the new normal. The entry of electric vehicles into the market has created a new competitive landscape, which will bring more intense to the basic industries such as auto transmissions and related gears. The market competition is on the one hand the opportunity of market demand, on the other hand, the main control of foreign brands on the Chinese market, the task of developing national brands is more arduous, and this sense of mission is also more inspiring.
“Twisting back and turning back” as the foundation of the automatic transmission – the gear industry, how to better play its own advantages in the grand development of China’s automobile industry, Li Shengqi believes that the key point is to make the automatic transmission of the car As a breakthrough direction and breakthrough in the gear industry. "We are worse than the core technology. We can't change the technology with the market. Only by self-improvement, we can create our own core technology and be able to sit at the price negotiation table equally, in order to have sufficient right to speak. The standard, thus safeguarding national industrial and national brands."
In terms of technology introduction and knowledge sources, China Automotive Automatic Transmission Innovation Alliance put forward the strategy of “turning back and forth”, which is to firstly put the basic components with domestic advantages into the international automobile market, and then gradually improve the technical level and the basis of enterprise capabilities. We will introduce better and higher technologies into China, and realize the dividend of sharing the world's advanced technological achievements. To this end, Li Shengqi stressed: "We must pay attention to the historic opportunities brought about by the continued growth of the industry, face unprecedented challenges in the period of micro-growth, and unswervingly follow the path of internationalization."
To connect with foreign countries, we must take a targeted look at the international exploration roads that domestic enterprises have taken in recent years. Take the most initial and simple overseas study as an example, even though they go out one after another, they come back. The development of post-related enterprises, even if only the transformation of business ideas, can not be clearly reflected. As a result of this cycle, the money of various companies has been spent a lot, but the corresponding results are few and the confidence of everyone is getting less and less. Here, Li Shengqi proposed: How to learn from the road of learning, is the primary problem that must be solved after taking the internationalization road.
Li Shengqi introduced that China Automotive Automatic Transmission Innovation Alliance organized two batches of enterprises to go abroad for inspection in 2014. In the relevant investigations in the United States, extensive exchanges with the three major automobile manufacturers, universities and automobile research and development institutions in the United States have reached relevant agreements. During the inspection activities in Hungary, he met with the Hungarian State Secretary in charge of industry, reached an agreement on cooperation, communicated communication channels, and reached a willingness to cooperate with each other. Li Shengqi believes that the results of the two inspections are not only reflected in the cooperation between the two organizations. At the enterprise level, some enterprises have established a desire to supply with the three major US automakers, which has smoothed the barriers to trade and understand the entry of Chinese enterprises and commodities. International procedures, methods, requirements, legal regulations, financial settlement, etc. This "learning-docking" approach is based on the internationalization of the practice of internationalization, and it is fundamentally to learn from foreign advanced experience and technology, and the ultimate goal of learning is to open up the market. Everything is learned everywhere. In fact, although the China Auto Transmission Innovation Alliance advocates actively going out, actively collaborating and looking for a broader market space, there is no opportunity to learn to improve in the domestic market, such as the annual organization organized by the Innovation Alliance. Multiple technical and market seminars and technical exchanges. For example, Chongqing Minjiang Hercules Gear Co., Ltd. obtained an automatic transmission from the market, but its ability is limited, and the technology can't meet the requirements. At this time, the innovation alliance organized the academic subject of Wuhan University of Technology, the point-line meshing gear to connect with it. The two parties reached an agreement to jointly develop the "point-line meshing" automotive automatic transmission gear, which has been successfully developed and put into production.
Judging from the results of the current feedback, the high technology of “dot line meshing” has been fully demonstrated, and the indicators of the original products have been greatly improved. At present, the use of point-line gear technology to process automotive automatic transmission gears is the first in the world. This development will create a new gear system for the future gear industry, which will be more efficient, lower cost, and product accuracy. Higher, and the process is simpler. Li Shengqi believes that the market demand and technology docking are undoubtedly the way out and the way to deal with market changes, transformation and upgrading. Through the market demand and technology docking research, the industry enterprises understand the market, clear direction, and identify the key points to promote enterprise transformation and upgrading.
Convergence development is the future breakthrough. The current situation of the gear industry can be measured by a basic data, that is, only 5% of enterprises have achieved both quantitative and profit growth. Speaking of the current macroeconomic and market situation, Li Shengqi said that the appreciation of the renminbi and the increase in labor costs will affect the gear-related industries in the long run. The current overall industry overcapacity and revenue reduction will further reduce the company's asset investment, which will lead to a series of problems. Among them, the most typical performance is: homogenization competition has entered a stage of white-hot, and the production capacity of low-end products is seriously over-capacity. Li Shengqi believes that the increase in comprehensive costs and the pressure of users to transmit market forces price as the main means of competition, resulting in a significant reduction in corporate profitability and increasing pressure on survival.
So, where is the breakthrough in industrial transformation and upgrading? Li Shengqi believes that the breakthrough of industrialization of automobile automatic transmission and anti-fatigue long-life gear manufacturing technology, and the deep integration of industrialization and informationization will be the direction and breakthrough of industrial transformation and long-term sustainable development. Li Shengqi said that in the future, we must take innovation as the thinking, implement forward design, advanced manufacturing, high-end products, and use the anti-fatigue and long-life manufacturing process to achieve product structure adjustment and achieve transformation and upgrading. Around the automobile automatic transmission industrialization host enterprise to cultivate and form a complete high-end manufacturing industry chain, it must be specialized division of labor (high-precision gear manufacturing, precision forging, precision casting, friction materials, advanced sensors, software development, hydraulic components, solenoid valves, Control system, test detection and matching calibration technology, etc., market support, enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry.

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