Zoomlion Zhongwang Grain Drying Center

In recent years, Sichuan Province has vigorously developed grain drying and mechanization, and more and more farmers no longer have to “eat on the heavens”. In recent days, another grain-drying center of "Zhuwang" was opened in Zhaili Town, Handan City. The drying center has 6 "Kaowang" DC150 low-temperature cross-flow drying machines with batch processing capacity of 15 tons. It will effectively solve the problem of food drying and drying of growers in the surrounding areas and effectively protect food security. According to Yang Zhijun, the person in charge of the grain drying center, “The King Valley Grain Drying Center can radiate 35,000 mu of fertile farmland this year and provide integrated services such as transportation, drying, management and sales of about 16,000 tons of wheat and rice. Solve the worries of growers."

Right now, Handan City is about to enter the food harvesting season. “In the past, drying was on open roads. Tossing for more than 10 days, it was both polluting and dangerous. The harvest had to look at God’s face. This year we can send it to Guwang Bake. With the dry center coming, mechanized dried foods are not only highly efficient, but also have guaranteed grain quality.” Zhang, a local grain expert, told reporters that the “Kingwang” grain drying center has become a “grasping pill” for local farmers to grow grain. .

It is reported that the Zoomlion “Zhuwang” grain drying center formed by the King’s Dryer has spread throughout major grain production areas in Sichuan, and there are only a dozen of Handan City. The “Kingwang” grain Drying Equipment has a high degree of automation, large amount of processing, low production cost, high efficiency, and has a professional team and a perfect service system. It can provide technical consultation, process design, installation and debugging, and technology for customers. Training and other "one-stop" services. The advanced technology and perfect service make the “Kingwang” drying equipment enjoy the favor of local grain and oil processing cooperatives, agricultural machinery cooperatives and large grain producers.

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