Australian car rental car full Raiders!

Australia is sparsely populated, with many natural landscape forms and great appreciation and playfulness. It is a very suitable country for self-driving. In addition, the cost of car rental is not high, and the freeway is free. More and more friends choose to drive by themselves.
    1 Car Rental Website Tip: Early online booking is good, offer is cheaper, and there are more models to choose from.

The Australian car rental industry is booming and rental cars are very convenient. You can book online in advance, you can also enter the local car rental in Australia, but the price is usually more expensive than online booking, and there are not many models to choose from, maybe you want to rent some of the popular models have been scheduled; Online advance booking, car rental Quotations will be much cheaper. Merchants will also launch special packages from time to time, such as rent for 4 days for 1 day.

There are several major car rental companies in Australia: Avis, Budget, Europcar, Camperman, Hertz, etc. They have their own car rental network in major cities in Australia and New Zealand.

Price comparison car rental website: Rental (compared to the site, reservation is free, and does not require any pre-charge, can be revoked free of charge before the car)

If the whole family travels on the road, the rental car is a good choice. Vroomvroomvroom can use vroomvroomvroom to make active quote comparisons for models offered by various car rental companies. Enter the time and address of your plan to rent the car. It will sort out the models and prices of the car rental companies from low to high. This saves the need to log in to each rental car company’s official website to compare them one by one. Find the right model, you can directly book online on OK.

The advantages of booking in vroomvromvroom are: credit card booking, no advance payment in advance, can be withdrawn or changed at any time, and no fees are charged. In addition, vroomvroomroom's quotation fees are tax-inclusive, and are usually more favorable than the official website quotation.

2 Car rental fees

Car Rental Fees Total Quotes Contains:

1) GST-Commodity Service Tax

2) Vehicle Registration Fees - Vehicle Registration Fees

3) Basic insurance - Insurance

4) Unlimited mileage unless otherwise stated - Unlimited routes (unless otherwise noted)

5) Vehicle Recovery Fees - Vehicle Recovery Fees

6)Airport Tax (when picking up at an airport of course)-airport tax (if the airport picks up the car)

7) One way fees (when applicable) - One way fees

The fees not included are:

(Except for age constraints, the following procurement depends on the individual)


Child seat

Age 25 or under (21-24 years old) need to pay extra

Different insurance companies provide different types of insurance for customers to choose from.

3 About Insurance

Basic insurance is now included in the quotation of rental vehicles. If there is a traffic accident, there will be a damage excess fee quota, which is the deductible, which is approximately $2000-$5500 (depending on suppliers and leases). Model). Below this limit, the renter will pay for himself; if the limit is exceeded, the excess will be paid by insurance.

Car rental companies will provide different types of insurance products: (Each car rental company will be different). Such as Accident excess reduction, the cost is usually around $25/day and can reduce the deductible to $300-400. The excess is paid by the insurance company. Some companies will provide Full/Maximum Cover (names vary from company to company), usually costs about $35/day, and can reduce the deductible to zero. The detailed varieties and payment limits will vary from company to company.

The purchase of insurance depends on the person who rents the car. If you purchase, you will need to add a small amount of money each day. If you are not confident in your skills, you can purchase accident excess reduction to reduce the deductible.

     4 commonly used car model M-Mini small
E-Economy Economy
C-Compact Compact
I-Intermediate Medium
S-Standard Standard
F-Full Size Full Size Car
P-Premium Top grade
L-Luxury Luxury
X-Special special type
Van, 4WD, Station Wagon
A-Automatic automatic file
M-Manual manual file
Air Conditioning
N-No A/C does not have air conditioning
R-Has A/C has air conditioning

5 About driving license

Tips: It is recommended that you bring your own driver's license translation. Notarization is not necessary.
Chinese driver's licenses can be used in both Australia and New Zealand. In general, it is necessary to provide driver's license English translation and notarization at the same time.

The English translation of the driver's license, you can translate (driver translation template address), the new version of the driver's license is part of the Chinese and English comparison, there are many donkeys without translation directly with half English driver's license car rental is no problem. However, preparing a translation must always be safe and save some unnecessary trouble.

There is little need for notarization (including translations). However, car rentals may be required in some places, and traffic police may show you on the road. According to the vast majority of online self-drive Australia's ALICE's situation, there is no need for a notary when renting a car. If you have time and don’t care about a little bit of money (because the notary requires time and a lot of money), and you want to be safe, then it’s okay to have a domestic notary. There is no notarization. If you rent a car or a traffic police on the road asks you to show it and communicate it well, you should have no problem.

6 About Navigation 1. Navigation Software - Free Download to PDA or Navigation-Enabled Mobile Phone
2. Rental GPS navigation - car rental company quotes around 10AUD, no Chinese but there is a very good foreign navigation software called tomtom, online search is easy to find, can be downloaded to a PDA or support for navigation in the phone. The Tomtom strength is that the roadmap is very accurate, there is no delay, it is important to have Chinese voice prompts ~~
Most car rental companies will have free maps, and the maps given are usually very specific. Of course, remember to ask for it.

7 About refueling

Also to fill up the car oil. When you pick up the car, it is full of oil. When you return the car, you must fill it with oil. If you do not fill up, you will withdraw money, and you will have more money than you should add.

The refueling quotation has a regional difference in Australia. The bigger the city oil is, the cheaper it is and the more local the more expensive it is. So try to plan for a big city

Refueling in Australia is mostly self-service type. Select oil guns (corresponding to different grades of gasoline, lead-free, No. 93, No. 95, etc.), add them, and then pay to the freighter, you can also swipe your card, which is very convenient. . If you do not know how to operate, you can also find help from the staff. The Australians are very friendly and enthusiastic.

Some local gas stations are serviced by private persons. Oil guns are key-locked and need to find workers to refuel.

8 About driving

Most Australians are more disciplined when driving. It is also more patience to meet new drivers on the road. Therefore, driving in Australia does not need to worry too much. Due to differences in driving rules and unfamiliarity, it is possible to visit some roads with a small number of cars and try to be skilled.

In Australia, strict road regulations, we must pay attention to:

(Strict road regulations also represent higher security)

1) Remember to go left! ! ! (as opposed to domestic)

2) All occupants must wear a seat belt. Whether it is the front row or the back row, it will be fine if caught.

3) It is illegal for a driver to drive a mobile phone.

4) Always follow the speed limit card speed, do not speed, there will be speed radar and active police car speed. Speeding is a heavy penalty. Australia's speed is very fast, especially in the suburbs, the speed is faster, so it must pay attention to the investigation and pay attention to safety.

5) Australia has more roundabout islands. It is clockwise to go round the island. Contrary to the domestic situation, we must let the car in the roundabout go first.

6) When the branch road car wants to make the main road, when entering the main road from the branch road, it has the symbol of the Give Way. It is necessary to stop the vehicle on the main road first.

7) The tram can only be crossed from the left side. When the tram is getting on and off, it can only be parked behind the tram.

8) Do not drink and drive. If you are in traffic police on a day, you may be tested for alcohol. Because you are in Australia, you have the right to arbitrarily stop and test the vehicle.

9) The fine for traffic violations in Australia is very high, so don’t go against the rules; if you receive a traffic ticket, you must pay it in time. If you don’t pay for the regular time, the Transport Bureau will issue a fine to the car rental company and the car rental company will The cost of the credit card will be deducted and an extra 50 AUD will be charged together.

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