Energy-saving and environmental protection weapon - small hydraulic press

Energy-saving and environmental protection weapon - small hydraulic press

Recently, the release of the smog documentary filmed by Chai Jing, the host of CCTV's “news investigation”, has caused widespread public concern. It is enough to see that our people's concern for environmental protection and energy conservation is rising; and Ministry of Environmental Protection Minister Chen Ji Ning watching this video overnight is enough to prove that the state attaches importance to energy conservation and environmental protection. Then, as an energy-saving and environmental protection weapon in the hydraulic press industry, a small hydraulic press, where does its capability lie?

First, power saving. The biggest feature of the small hydraulic press is the use of a new type of electric heating method, coupled with a high-tech heating control chip, which greatly increases the conversion rate during the conversion of electrical energy into heat energy, and the rapid, stable, uniform temperature rise, etc. The direct power saving effect is as high as half the above.

Third, high quality. The greatest benefit brought by the high-quality constant temperature effect is the improvement of the quality of the molded product. The new heating tube is matched with a high-tech heating control chip, so that the heat converted from the power is evenly distributed to the various parts of the mold, so that the temperatures of the mold and the rubber semi-finished product are the same everywhere, and the quality of the molded product is obviously improved.

Second, lower the temperature. Reducing the temperature around the working environment can improve employee comfort. Another key component of the small hydraulic press is the dense thermal insulation layer of nanomaterials, which ensures that the temperature is only transferred to the mold and does not spread to the periphery. The decrease in ambient temperature can effectively improve employee comfort.

Fourth, low noise. Through new performance innovations, small hydraulic presses are equipped with silencing equipment on the original foundation, which can reduce fan noise and control airflow noise transmitted along the pipeline. Compared with the original noise pollution has been further resolved, is no longer a boot will be subject to complaints of machinery and equipment.

Fourth, high output. It can effectively increase production capacity and reduce unit costs. After using a small hydraulic press, the temperature of the mold during vulcanization is high and the vulcanizing time is shortened. The single-mold tapping time is greatly reduced, and the number of moulds per unit time is greatly increased, thereby increasing the production efficiency, that is, without adding labor, electricity, etc., in addition to raw materials. In addition to the cost, an additional increase in the number of products and increase operating income.

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