P2P car rental market rises to a chaotic situation

In response to the layout of the P2P rental market, in an earlier interview, Zhang Ruiping, the founder, chairman, and CEO of a car rental company, once said that a rental car is willing to actively try new types of P2P services as a "supplement to the current model." At the same time, he also emphasized that the heavy-asset car rental model must continue to exist, which is also to ensure the quality of service. The trick is to try to combine the two models on the basis of the original model. Obviously, a rental car also tries to supplement the existing model by expanding the scale of the platform through the “car rental” P2P car rental business.

However, for the current domestic market for car rental, P2P car belonging to the new born things, market development and user awareness there is a huge space. For ordinary people who find the word “P2P Car Rental” unfamiliar, their representative services also need to truly enter people’s lives. The so-called P2P car rental: the owner of the car in the hands of idle car rental on the platform, car users can use the phone App to find nearby rental vehicles, P2P car rental platform is to assume the middle of the two platforms.

Although P2P car rental is still in the early stages of development, users' spending habits and usage habits need to be cultivated. However, once the car rental industry giants access the P2P model, they will bring vitality to the market. In particular, its traditional online resources and offline service outlets are able to provide mature and better services. This is the inherent advantage of traditional companies entering the field of P2P car rental. At the same time, the owner of the car to their own car and license to "a car to enjoy" such P2P car rental platform to manage the operation, but also conducive to the expansion of corporate platforms. Intangible, the company builds a large platform of owners, users, and its own to achieve a win-win situation in interaction.

Tool Holder Sleeves

Suitable to hold cylindrical shank tools on turret at CNC lathe .

D16 (2pcs) 8, 10

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Function: Suitable to hold cylindrical shank tools on turret at CNC lathe.


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tool holder sleeves

tool holder sleeves

Tool Holder Sleeves

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