·Beiqi New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. was formally established

On February 22, Beijing New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Beiqi New Energy”) was officially established in Daxing District, Beijing. Xu Heyi, Chairman of BAIC Group, will present Beiqi New at the internal new energy work conference on March 11. Energy is defined as a test field and special zone for BAIC Group to reform and innovate its systems and mechanisms. After a series of large-scale operations, BAIC New Energy has received sufficient funds and advanced technical support at home and abroad.
Beiqi New Energy is currently the first joint-stock new energy automobile company in China. The total registered cost of the company is 2 billion yuan, of which 60% is controlled by BAIC Group, Beijing Industrial Investment Co., Ltd., Beijing State-owned Capital Management Center and Beijing Electronics Holdings Co., Ltd. The company holds the remaining 25%; 10% and 5% respectively.
At present, Beiqi New Energy has launched strategic cooperation with many companies such as Dayang Electric, Pride Battery, Ai Sikai Battery and Siemens Motor, and signed an equity subscription agreement with American Atieva Company, becoming the largest shareholder of the latter.
Up to now, Beiqi New Energy has nearly 3,000 products in the rental, government business, leasing, driving school and other fields, including its E150EV, Sic Bo EV, Weiwang 360EV, E150 extended program and other models, the accumulated mileage has exceeded 30 million kilometers. On this basis, the new company will continue to invest 3 billion yuan in the next five years for capacity building and new product and technology research and development.

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