Matters needing attention after car film

With the automotive film becoming a fashion trend, many owners will choose to give their own car film, but if you buy a low-quality explosion-proof film, it will lead to a variety of problems after the car film. After the film is applied, the technicians will remind some car film maintenance methods, but most of them are not systematic and not perfect, but more will be the owner did not pay attention at that time, and later did not perform well, which will also lead to There are various problems after the car film.

1. Window glass burst soon after filming

Some car owners in the film less than a few days, suddenly saw the window glass burst. Excluding the quality problem of the original glass, it was caused by the improper construction of the beauty shop during the film application.

Interpretation: Different models of glass, because the design of the surface is not the same, the higher the technical requirements of the film, so when the film requires a professional technician to carry out the construction. Otherwise, it is easy to cause glass burst due to excessive temperature difference between inside and outside during or after the film coating process.

2. After the film is locked on the car

After the film was applied, the owner found that using the car key remote controller of the original car could no longer lock the door. This was due to improper construction of the filming process. Go to the 4S shop to disassemble the original vehicle controller for inspection. If water traces are found inside, it is caused by letting the water enter the controller when the worker takes the film.

3. After watching the car, the exterior scenery will be dizzy

After sitting in the car, the film will look dizzy. There will be a circle of light shining on the glass. This may be the result of the use of a poor quality explosion-proof membrane.

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  • High electrical conductivity
  • Good finishing characteristics
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