Planning of food hygiene and safety GMP: Air shower welcomes the "golden period"

As we all know, the application of air shower manufacturers involves the production and research departments of pharmaceutical products, biochemistry, medical and health, health food, machinery and electronics, and electronic food purification equipment plants. Clean technology is a new field of science and technology. It is a comprehensive and emerging branch of discipline that spans across disciplines, departments, and disciplines. In order to guarantee the quality of baked goods and extend the shelf life of foods, purification companies in China need to develop purification equipment for the production and packaging workshops of a number of large-scale well-known food companies, including baked goods companies, to effectively improve the quality of air in the workshop and solve the problem. The problem of contaminating foods with microorganisms, aerosols, and harmful gases in the air prevents the safety and sensory quality of baked goods, and helps food production companies to pass GMP and HACCP certifications in the food industry.

Modern industrial production has continuously increased requirements for electrostatic protection and cleanliness. Air shower manufacturers are required to have electrostatic protection capabilities and/or high cleanliness levels in the core processes of high-tech electronic products, semiconductor products, and pharmaceutical products. surroundings. Asia will become one of the center of gravity of the development of the world's air shower manufacturers.

Planning of food hygiene and safety GMP: Air shower welcomes the "golden period"

With people's concern for food hygiene and safety, manufacturers of air showers have also ushered in a golden period of industry development. The food sector will implement new GMP and food industry production standards. The National "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" pointed out that air shower manufacturers should focus on cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries and scientifically determine future market demand changes and technological development trends.

In modern food and other production processes. Air shower manufacturers have relatively high requirements on the cleanliness of the production environment. Since the production environment of food products is very humid, it is necessary to select the corresponding disinfection agent. The air shower manufacturer kills the air in the environment and attaches it to the human body. Equipment, containers, bacteria on buildings. In addition to the ozone generator elimination equipment, air showers and other purification equipment are required for QS certification. At present, many food processing plants of air shower manufacturers have installed Qingdao Bihai air showers.

The air shower is the personal purification device used by the operator when entering the clean room. Air shower manufacturers use high-speed clean air blow to remove the dirt entering the body of the person. The nozzles can be adjusted to effectively remove dust from the human body and prevent outside contamination from entering the clean area. Air shower manufacturers can also be used to blow large quantities of goods. The air shower is a clean equipment for clean kitchens and prefabricated clean rooms. It is used to blow the dust on the surfaces of the human body and the carrying articles that enter the purification plant. At the same time, the air shower manufacturer plays a role in buffering the air locks and preventing unpurified. The air entering the clean area is an effective device for purifying the human body and preventing the outside air from polluting the clean area.

The food produced in the clean room, because the air shower has a high degree of cleanliness can ensure that the food is not attached to bacteria, air shower manufacturers can not eliminate the original bacteria brought by the food, it also requires heating, spraying, irradiation, etc. Sterilization.

The air shower also plays intelligent. Commonly used air showers are classified into two types: common type and interlock type. The common type uses the manual start-up control method. Individual operators will choose to leave without blowing. Way of escape. This makes it difficult to guarantee the cleanliness of the clean air. In smart interlocking air showers that may affect the quality of the product, electromagnetic locks are usually installed on the entrance and exit doors. When any door is opened, the other door is locked. Open, it is called "interlocking." When the user enters the air shower, the shower is automatically started after the door is closed. At this time, the doors on both sides are locked, and the door cannot open until the shower is finished. Using this control method, a forced blowout process was realized. Ensure that the clean area is always in the ideal state of clean air.

At present, during the use of interlocking air showers, the parts that are prone to failure are mainly in the parts related to the door such as electromagnetic locks and Hall switches. On the one hand, due to long-term use, the doors and accessories are worn out; The main reason is that the personnel who use the equipment do not understand or adapt to the “workflow” of the air shower and violate the “flow” operation, resulting in forced opening of the door when the door is closed, resulting in damage to the electromagnetic lock. Or there is an abnormal situation in which it is locked in the air shower room.

In the future intelligent air showers, a “voice system” has been added. From the two aspects of guiding operations and door status monitoring, corresponding voice prompts will be given in a timely manner to urge users to follow the “workflow” and regulate operations. Effectively prevents human failure due to improper operation. In addition, features such as automatic lighting, differential pressure detection, etc. have been added. In fact, the smart air showers in the future will be more and more humanized and more secure and efficient.

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