FAW Wuxi Dedicated to Seventy Years of Innovative Deposition

On May 7, 2014, FAW Xichai was honored as “Advanced Unit for Innovative Enterprise Development in Wuxi City” thanks to its outstanding R&D capabilities and its outstanding contribution to R&D and innovation in Wuxi's corporate world for decades. As a specialized factory of FAW Jiefang Company in Wuxi, in recent years, FAW Xichai has actively seized opportunities to cope with challenges, strengthened market development, management optimization and technological innovation, and maintained healthy and stable development with high energy efficiency and low energy consumption economic growth methods. It played a leading and demonstration role for the local enterprises' innovation and development, and made important contributions to the economic growth of Wuxi.

As the oldest internal-combustion engine manufacturing enterprise in China, FAW Xichai has always insisted on independent innovation and continuously expands its product strength and accumulated technical thickness in the 70 years. Despite decades of accumulation, FAW Xichai has become a well-deserved leader in the internal combustion engine industry in China, and it has gained a significant say in R&D and innovation. The acquisition of this honor by the advanced unit of innovative development in Wuxi City is indeed worthy of its name.

Decades of strong R & D and innovation strength <br> <br> number, FAW Wuxi Diesel absorbing, and actively help foreign intellects, with an open attitude, the vision of globalization, to cooperate actively with the internationally renowned research institutions, national research institutions, digestion Absorbing advanced technologies and experiences at home and abroad, establishing the mode, process, and means of enterprise technology cooperation, and forming an independent core version of the technology, and successfully emerged from the “please ask people to do” to “do it together” to “do it yourself”. The technical cooperation road has opened up new trails for the development of FAW Xiecha’s R&D strength and achieved fruitful results. In the past ten years, FAW Xichai has increased investment, and has successively introduced vibration analyzers produced by Danish BK company, Japan Horiba MEXA-7100 exhaust gas analyzer, US DYNESYSTEMS eddy current dynamometer, German GROB machining center and special plane, and US GE ultrasonic testing. Instrument, such as the world's leading production, research and development, monitoring equipment. At the same time, Xichai’s foreign cooperation projects have continued to expand, and more than 120 different forms of cooperation projects have been carried out in product development and materials research. The complementary advantages of production, learning, and research enable the company's R&D and innovation capabilities to continue to increase.

Today's FAW Xichai has the leading R&D and innovation capabilities of the industry. The company has a series of world-class R&D and experimental equipment such as rotary test bench, cold start environmental storage, emission and durability test bench, vibration test bench, etc. Meanwhile, it has CFD simulation, CAE check and analysis, and VEGA automatic calibration. , DRIVE vehicle calibration and other design, development, analysis and other software, which trial production and testing equipment, open the domestic engine industry, the precedent for the development of Xichai R & D and innovation capabilities to add a dazzling bright color. FAW Xichai has a highly skilled and diligent R&D and innovation team. According to reports, FAW Xichai currently owns 12 senior experts of FAW Group and 25 experts. In addition, the entire company has 122 senior professional titles. 256 people, 154 senior technicians and 282 technicians. Among the 3,662 employees, there are 8 with doctoral degrees, 87 with master's degrees, 954 with bachelor's degrees, more than 59% of college-level personnel, and more than 12% of core key talents. At the same time, FAW Xichai actively defends the vitality of the team, constantly injects fresh blood, and brings together a large number of young talents. The average age is only 33 years old. It is a young, dynamic industry elite. A highly educated and dynamic workforce is the source of continuous innovation by FAW Xichai.

Needless to say, FAW Xichai, as the leading leader in China's internal combustion engine manufacturing industry, has a strong R&D and innovation capability. What is even more commendable is that FAW Xichai, already strong, apparently has not stopped the pace of advancement. For FAW Xichai, all achievements are just the starting point of the new journey, and the new path of progress has already begun.

Fruitful research <br> <br> innovation and technological progress to promote the development of the FAW Wuxi Diesel, innovative cast FAW Wuxi Diesel glory. In the past 70 years since its establishment, FAW Xichai has won a large number of scientific, innovative and practical scientific and technological achievements with its consistent innovation. It has contributed greatly to the advancement and development of Xichai's science and technology and has produced good economic benefits.

The data show that since 1951, FAW Xichai has obtained 149 key scientific and technological achievements, including 29 state-level scientific and technological achievements, 83 provincial and ministerial-level scientific and technological achievements, and 8 municipal-level scientific and technological achievements; Aowei heavy-duty series commercial vehicles and heavy-duty diesel engine "independent development", "high-power three diesel engine research and development and industrialization", "high-quality J6 heavy-duty trucks and heavy-duty diesel engine independent research and development and technological innovation", "Xichai brand high-power natural gas engine CA6SM and other research and innovation achievements are still important tools for FAW Xichai to defeat the enemy in the market. Under the premise of innovative results, FAW-Xichai has summarized its experiences, gathered wisdom, collected scientific data and data, combined theoretical research with practical work, and closely integrated production, teaching and research. It has made great achievements in the writing and writing of scientific papers. According to incomplete statistics, over the past few decades, FAW Xichai has written a total of nearly 500 outstanding papers, including 174 excellent papers at or above the municipal level. Since entering the “fourth venture” of FAW Xichai, FAW Xichai has been committed to the adjustment and optimization of its product structure, and has actively promoted emission upgrades. Nearly 300 models have obtained diesel engine product type approval announcements that meet the national environmental protection standards. There are more than 70 models of the National IV standard, and the emission standards of nearly 10 models have reached the national five standard. The numerous achievements that have been cultivated and accumulated over the past decades have refreshed the world's expectations for FAW Xichai Manufacturing and laid a solid foundation for the status of FAW Xichai as an industry giant.

In recent years, FAW Xichai has continued to accelerate the pace of research and innovation, and has continuously made new and remarkable achievements. It has achieved high-performance engine brake technology, long-life engine research and development technology, and high-efficiency engine festival. Oil technology and other key scientific and technological achievements. According to statistics, in 2013 alone, FAW Xichai completed 42 patent applications and obtained 12 patents, of which 2 were invention patents. In the selection of the first Jilin Provincial Patent Award, FAW Xichai patented "a method for diesel engine partial cylinder depletion and fuel saving control" and "method for reducing immersion oil waste in diesel engine cylinder oil immersion and rust prevention methods". Technical status, economic benefits, social benefits and protection of patent rights, etc., were awarded the first Jilin Provincial Patent Award after expert review and comprehensive review.

Xichai's strong R&D and innovation capabilities have been highly recognized by the industry and have won numerous honors for the company. According to relevant staff from Xichai, in 2013, FAW Xichai Conway 4DX series of four diesel engines won the first prize of technological advancement in Jiangsu Machinery Industry, and the Hengwei CA4DL1 series of four diesel engines won the second prize for scientific and technological progress of China's machinery industry. Wei CA6SF2 series natural gas diesel engine won the third prize of scientific and technological progress of China's machinery industry...... The honours that come from time to time, fully embodies the strong research and development strength of Xichai as a “Chinese power expert”, and establishes the “high-end power” image for FAW Xichai in the industry. Laid a solid foundation.

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