Wenzhou fierce car crash into the Audi Q5 8 people crashed 7 dead and 1 injured

Wenzhou fierce car crash into the Audi Q5 8 people crashed 7 dead 1 wound diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2013-05-15

The only surviving driver was suspected of drunk driving without a license. The traffic police stated that the illegality of the incident was widespread.

This accident occurred in Wenzhou, becoming a hot topic on microblogging yesterday. The fierceness of the accident scene in the picture, as well as the keywords “speeding,” “drunk driving,” and “missing on the car,” which are constantly appearing in Weibo, have led to various speculations.
The concern of netizens was that at the time of the accident, the original off-road vehicle with a nuclear load of five people actually crowded eight adult men and women. In addition to the driver, another 7 people died on the spot.
Yesterday, the reporter confirmed from various traffic channels such as traffic police and hospitals that off-road vehicle drivers were suspected of having no licenses and drunk driving, and the owners had returned from Wuhan to Wenzhou.
At present, the traffic police department is still investigating the details of the traffic accident.
Accident scene
Half a car was smashed and six people dumped outside the car
The specific location of the accident was more than 50 meters west of the intersection of Binhai 6th Road and Binhai Road in Wenzhou Economic Development Zone.
The scene of the accident saw that the black Audi Q5 had become a pile of scrap iron. After colliding with the truck, the right half of the SUV was almost completely cut off, but the cab was not changed. On the ground a few hundred meters away, there are debris everywhere, and there is blood on the beach. It is terrible.
A cleaner who is cleaning up the scene of the accident said that they only cleaned several sacks.
When the firefighters involved in the rescue arrived at the scene, two people, including the driver, were stuck in the car, and the remaining six people were thrown out of the car in the event of an accident. In the car, there is a strong taste of wine.
After the rescuers successfully rescued the drivers who showed signs of life, they were rushed to the hospital.
Car accident doubts
Did the buggy driver get drunk or use drugs?
After investigation by the traffic police department, the blood alcohol content of the driver Wang was 165.5mg/100ml, which really belonged to drunk driving. Not only that, Wang also suspected of driving without a license. However, the traffic police passed Wang's urine test results and ruled out the suspects.
Is there really a lady in the 8 people in the car?
According to information disclosed by the traffic police department, the car carried a total of eight adults, four men and four women.
Four male crew members include: driver Wang Mou, Jingzhou City, Hubei Province; Liu Mou, Pengan County, Sichuan Province; Feng Mou, Wanzhou District, Chongqing City; Wang Mou, Danjiangkou City, Hubei Province. Of the four female crew members, the identities of two of them had yet to be verified. The other two were: Xiang Yi, Xiushan County, Chongqing; Luomou, Majiang County, Guizhou Province.
Of these eight individuals, none are owners. The car was borrowed from someone who was called to the Red Army, but when the car accident occurred, he was not in the car. According to the Red Army’s military recollection, the situation of the night was roughly like this:
On May 11th, several friends asked me for dinner. A dozen people on the dinner table were aware of it and some were meeting for the first time.
After dinner at 8 or 9 o'clock, everyone went to a new music bar in Longwan. At the time, two cars were running together. Only four people were sitting on the Q5.
After playing in the bar for about half an hour, a friend got a few misses from a nearby KTV. Hearing people say that this KTV lady looks good, and I also want to see a friend. I put the car key on the bar and went out to the bar.
When I first arrived at KTV, I saw that the car was being driven out. I didn't know the driver. A friend called him and he shut down.
The car was thus driven away.

The nearby road is a frequent accident
Violations are widespread
The road sections near the accident were listed by the Wenzhou municipal government in 2011 as a number of road accidents at municipal level. According to statistics from the Traffic Police Department of Wenzhou City, during the period from January to July 2012, there were more than 400 accidents in the Binhai Park of Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone.
It is understood that there are few roads and vehicles in the park, and the transportation facilities are not perfect. The speed limit of the roads ranges from 50 to 80 kilometers per hour. However, due to the lack of supervision measures, violations such as vehicle speeding and red lights are common. At night, large trucks often stop illegally on both sides of the road.
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