Smart artificial climate box how to determine the development plan

In the fields of biology, agriculture, medical and health production and scientific research, in order to ensure the necessary living conditions of certain organisms and meet the indoor observation needs of biological growth and development, there must be a device to simulate various microclimate environments. The artificial climate box was developed according to the above requirements. At present, artificial climate box control systems produced by most manufacturers still use analog electronic control lines. Their lines are complex and their setting interfaces are not intuitive. Some have adopted microcomputer control technology, but they lack market competitiveness in terms of cost performance. In this regard, Zhejiang Top has developed a smart artificial climate box, the RTOP series. RTOP series of multi-stage programmable artificial climate chamber adopts advanced microcomputer programmable control mode. You can set various parameters of the climate box (including number of segments, temperature, humidity, light intensity, and time) to simulate the natural climate. Compared with the light incubator, the greater advantage of the artificial climate box is that it can control more parameters and make the natural environment more realistic. In addition to the control temperature, illumination, and running time of the light incubator, the artificial climate box can also control the humidity. Moreover, the humidity sensor and the temperature sensor used by the artificial climate box are the most advanced in the country and can control these parameters very accurately.
The control parameters of the artificial climate box are mainly divided into three parts: temperature, humidity, and illuminance. According to the needs of the user, the above three control parameters are respectively controlled according to the set values ​​of the keys. The temperature in the system is an important parameter, and the fluctuation of the temperature will greatly reduce the performance of the system. We use a combination of cooling and heating, when the measured temperature is higher than the set temperature, the compressor output is controlled by the relay output (compressor stop and restart the time interval is not less than 3 minutes to ensure the life of the compressor) When the measured temperature is lower than the set temperature, the heating of the heating tube is controlled by the triac. The control of humidity involves both dehumidification and humidification. When the compressor is in operation, the evaporator in the refrigeration system cools down, and the gaseous moisture around the evaporator condenses into liquid water to remove moisture, thereby achieving the purpose of dehumidification. Humidification uses an external ultrasonic atomizer. Here, dehumidification and heating are relatively contradictory, because dehumidification is actually a cooling process, and dehumidification alone will result in cooling. Therefore, consideration should be given to the matching of heating and cooling power. That is, at the same time when full power heating and cooling is performed, the temperature must be raised. The illuminance specifically refers to the light intensity during the day time period, and the illuminance of the dark time period is not taken into consideration. The illuminance is determined by the number of connected fluorescent lamps.

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