Shenyang heavy machine desulfurization wet ball mill passed the identification

The first domestic MQS desulfurization wet ball mill developed and produced by Shenyang Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd. has passed the expert appraisal of China Machinery Industry New Product Appraisal Meeting in Beijing.

In the past, China's desulfurization market used foreign equipment. Since 2001, Shenyang Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd., which is the leading producer of national coal mills, has started the localization of desulfurization technology. Through the digestion and absorption of the imported technology, the vertical and horizontal mill series products were developed, and the first desulfurization wet ball mill in China was produced. After three years of operation, the equipment is in good condition and meets various technical requirements.

At the China Machinery Industry New Product Appraisal Meeting, experts agreed that the overall technical level of the equipment is superior to imported products and has reached the advanced level of similar foreign products.

Industrial Water Connector

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Industrial Water Connector

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