produce. store. Safety assessment is required for units using hazardous chemicals

Due to the production of dangerous chemicals. During the process of storage and use, various accidents are likely to occur. After the introduction of the Safety Production Law in 2002, China began to implement safety evaluation work and required production. Units that store and use hazardous chemicals should conduct safety predictions and regular status assessments. The legal basis is as follows:
Article 9 of the Regulations on the Safety Management of Hazardous Chemicals stipulates: “The establishment of enterprises that produce and store highly toxic chemicals and other dangerous chemical production and storage enterprises shall be respectively submitted to the economic and trade administrative departments and districts of the people's governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government. The municipal people's government responsible for the comprehensive supervision and management of hazardous chemicals submitted an application and submitted the following documents: (4) Safety evaluation report; "Article 17: "Units for the production, storage and use of highly toxic chemicals The unit shall conduct a safety evaluation on the production and storage facilities of the unit once a year; the units that produce, store and use other dangerous chemicals shall conduct a safety evaluation on the production and storage devices of the unit every two years.” Article 61 : "When a dangerous chemical unit violates the provisions of these Regulations and has one of the following acts, the department responsible for the comprehensive supervision and management of hazardous chemicals safety or the public security department shall immediately or within a time limit correcting according to their respective powers and responsibilities, and shall be 10,000 yuan or more. a fine of not more than 10,000 yuan; if it is not corrected within the time limit, the original issuing authority Production of dangerous chemicals production licenses, business licenses and business licenses: (1) Failure to conduct regular safety evaluations of their production and storage facilities, and report to the municipal people's government in the district where the district is responsible for the comprehensive supervision and management of hazardous chemicals. Department filing"
Article 14 of the "Regulations on the Safety of Guangdong Province" stipulates: "Safety evaluation, enterprises and units shall be carried out for production and business enterprises engaged in the production and operation of dangerous chemicals, construction and installation enterprises, mining enterprises and production and business units that have experienced employee fatal accidents. According to the evaluation results, corresponding safety precautions should be taken. Article 19 stipulates: “A major engineering project or an engineering project with major hazards and hazards shall be pre-evaluated in accordance with relevant state regulations.” Article 33 It is stipulated that: "If the project fails to carry out the safety pre-evaluation according to the state regulations, the safety production design is carried out without examination, or if it is put into production without completion inspection, the production safety supervision and management department shall order it to make corrections within a time limit; if it is not corrected within the time limit, it shall be ordered to stop construction. Or suspend production and suspend business for rectification, and may impose a fine of not less than 5,000 yuan but not more than 50,000 yuan on the construction unit; if it causes serious consequences and constitutes a crime, the criminal responsibility of the principal responsible person and other responsible personnel shall be investigated according to law."
Article 16 of the "Regulations on the Administration of Dangerous Chemicals Business Licenses of Guangdong Province" stipulates: "The unit applying for a business license shall submit an application to the issuing authority and submit the following materials in triplicate and the application for the dangerous chemicals business license. A copy of the electronic version of the form: (2) The safety evaluation report issued by the safety evaluation unit that meets the qualification requirements; “The units that need to apply for the business license include the second management method of hazardous chemicals divided into: wholesale, retail and chemical enterprises. Set up sales outlets outside the factory."

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