G type screw pump

I. Product Overview:
Due to its excellent performance, the G-type single-screw pump has rapidly expanded its application range in China in recent years. Its great feature is its adaptability to medium, steady flow, small pressure pulsation and high self-priming capacity. This is not replaceable by any other kind of pump. It can realize the multiphase mixing of liquid, gas and solid. Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electroplating, printing and dyeing, papermaking, electric power and other industries transport lubricity or non-lubricity media, corrosive media, media containing small amounts of fine solid particles, and media with low to high viscosity.
Second, the model meaning:
FG 35-1
F - The pump body and internal parts materials are all stainless steel
G - G series screw pump
35 - nominal diameter of the screw (mm)
1 - indicates a primary pump
Third, the technical parameters:
Traffic: 0-650m3/h;
Head: 60-120m;
Power: 0.75-37kw;
Rotation speed: 20-1000r/min;
Caliber: 25-150mm;

Temperature: -20-150°C.

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