Clutch-Hub (29512834) for Terex Dumper Part

Model NO.: 29512834
Seats: ≤5
Horsepower: 451-500hp
Dumping Type: Bidirection Dumping Style
Condition: New
Terex Part: Terex Part
Trademark: terex
Transport Package: Terex
Specification: terex
Origin: Terex
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Genuine parts
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Clutch-Hub (29512834) for Terex Dumper Part
Original Terex (mining)dump Truck Parts, All series, including 3305,3306,3307, TR50, TR60, TR100, and MT3600, MT3700, NTE150, NTE200, NTE240, NTE260;,.good quality! Competitive price! Welcome to inquiry!

1.framed structure
2.PTO assembly
4.transmission shaft
5.wheel hub
7.Front axle and wheel hub
8.differential mechanism
9.rear axle assembly, axle shaft
10.braking system adjuster
12.wheel-side/planetary structure
13.front suspension cylinder
14.rear suspension cylinder
15.steering cylinder
16.lifting cylinder
17.Chassis parts, fastening bolt, pin, shaft sleeve.Clutch-Hub (29512834) for Terex Dumper Part
drawing NO Vehicle model
framed structure   
9015218 TR50
20019310 TR50
9240460 TR50
09015394 TR50
09069246 TR50
PTO assembly
20000042 TR50
9060268 TR50
9274893 TR50
9195847 TR50
0954528 TR50
00907696 TR50
09004541 TR50
09004540 TR50
15252439 TR50
15245600 TR50
15016501 TR50
09264925 TR50
15300856 TR50
00274209 TR50
06772182 TR50
6772182 TR50
09269703 TR50
15300857 TR50
15300858 TR50
09227330 TR50
06772182 TR50
transmission shaft
old09060412/new15300854 3307/TR50
old15233277/new15272774 3307/TR50
old09072552/new15300991 3307/TR50
old09053852/new15272772 3307/TR50
15352300 TR100new
15352330 TR100
15352327 TR100.
09253468 TR100
09255689 TR100.11E
09433576 TR100
09062983 TR100.11E.
15023746 TR100
09062983  TR100
9011828 TR100
15000838 TR100
09015398 TR100
15249677 TR100
15228480 TR100
15335654 TR100
PTO assembly
15252682 TR60
9060235 TR60
9274893 TR60
9195847 TR60
15252439 TR60
15300845 TR60
transmission shaft
15300843 TR60
15272772 TR60
15300992 TR60
15272865 TR60
wheel hub
15246296 TR60
9253468 TR60
15265338 TR60
differential mechanism
9272352 TR60
15300937 TR60
9272346 TR60
9272386 TR60
front suspension cylinder
15336056 TR60
15336055 TR60
15247973 TR60
09068668 TR60
09384086 TR60
09079449 TR60
09396508A TR60
15228210 TR100
9060202 TR100
9423067 TR100
15246912 TR100
15229318 3311E
15336167 TR100
15309162 TR100
15336167 TR100
PTO assembly
old15257485/new15331595 TR100
old15257459/new15331594 TR100
20038184 TR100new
20038083 TR100new
9274893 TR100
9195847 TR100
15331585 TR100new
15246910 3311E
15300851 TR100/11E
15331582 TR100
old06777070/new15300852 TR100
old15258084/new15230619 TR100
09227330 TR100
06772182 TR100
transmission shaft
old15300850/new15336537 TR100
15272865 TR100
old15258114/new15352888 TR100
15271476 TR100
differential mechanism
15315244 TR100
9272346 TR100
9272352 TR100
9272386 TR100
15007647  TR100
15007646  TR100
Front suspension cylinder
20030751/15250974/15352794 TR100
15335709/15250973/15335709 TR100
09069475 TR100
09383858 TR100
09069476 TR100
9396484/9396486 TR100

Clutch-Hub (29512834) for Terex Dumper Part
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The tire is one of the important parts of a car, just like the feet of a car. In mining transportation, the cost of tire consumption accounts for a large proportion of its transportation costs, accounting for about 20% to 30% of the production and transportation costs. The fixed cost of tires also increases with the increase in the heavy tonnage of trucks. The price of mining vehicle tires is also higher, which accounts for 7% to 10% of the cost of the vehicle. Therefore, the correct use of tires can not only extend the service life of tires, but also has important significance for ensuring driving safety and reducing transportation costs.

Tire composition and performance:
The tire consists of four main parts: ply, bead, buffer layer and tread. The performance of the tire basically depends on these four parts.
The role of tires
(1) Withstand the quality of the car itself and the load, and maintain its running performance
(2) Buffer the shock and vibration received by the vehicle while maintaining the stability and smoothness of the vehicle.
(3) Ensure that the entire tire is in reliable contact with the ground, and improve the traction, passing and braking performance of the vehicle
Tire classification
Bias tire and radial tire

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