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China Drying Newsletter On December 26th, 2012, it was launched in the National Intellectual Property Pilot Park in the High-tech Industrial Development Zone of Zigong City, Sichuan Province. Ma Weiye, Director of Patent Management Department of the State Intellectual Property Office, was awarded the High-tech Zone. The pilot time is from September 2012 to September 2015.

Zigong Hi-tech Zone is one of the four national-level hi-tech zones in Sichuan Province. The intellectual property work in the park has developed rapidly. There emerged a batch of Zhongyu Chenguang Research Institute Co., Ltd., Huaxi Energy Industry Co., Ltd. and other companies with independent intellectual property rights and large market space. , well-growth companies and industries. In 2011, the number of applications, registrations, and authorizations for patents, trademarks, new plant varieties, and geographical indications in Zigong City all ranked top in the province.

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Asphalt mixing plant and Asphalt plant  are all used for mixing asphalt mixture,which is integrated with excellence of similar products within and outside our nation, such as accurate weighing, equal mixing, well dust removing, etc. Its working theory is as follows: firstly it heats stones and asphalt to a definite temperature, then mixes the stones, asphalt, powders, additives together at a prescribed proportion, and finally produces the black mixture used for asphalt road. It is widely applied into the construction of road, port deck, city road,squares,airport etc. 

Asphalt concrete plant,Concrete mixing plant,Concrete mixer,all these plant is  a kind of construction material production equipment, which is made up of mixer, material weighing system, material conveying and supply system, material storage system, control system and other affiliated instruments. Its working principle is mixing cement with different sizes of aggregates, lime powder and coal ash together, finally producing the concrete, which can be used as wall material for construction of water conservancy project, electric power project and bridge projects etc. 

Wet Mix Plant and  wet mixing plant is featured with advanced structure, aggregates are weighed by belted electronic balance, filler will be weighed by electronic screw balance, water will be weighed by frequency conversion comparison; all the motors equipped are frequency conversion timing, and the plant is also module design, automatic control, accurate weighing and better mobility.it`s also applied into construction for road basic layer of different kinds of grade. 

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