What if the wireless bridge fails in the wireless monitoring system?

With the development of intelligence, wireless monitoring systems have become more common applications. However, if the wireless monitoring equipment fails, it will affect the stable operation of the entire wireless monitoring system. But no matter what kind of equipment, there may be failures, so the failure is not terrible, do not worry first heart, calmly deal with, find out the way to solve the problem.
Question one: What if the wireless transmission equipment fails to communicate?
1. Determine if the cable is connected properly.
2. Check that the green light of the POE adapter is on.
3. Check if the frequency settings of both wireless devices are on the same channel.
4. Check whether the wireless data transmission rate matches by using the statistical RSSI or advanced settings in the frequency.
5. Make sure that the same key is used for the two device connections.
6. Check antenna alignment before bridge communication.
Question 2: If the performance of the wireless bridge in the communication is not good (high packet rate)?
1. Check whether it is within the effective communication coverage distance of the antenna.
2. Make sure that the antenna installations are aligned with each other.
3. Make sure there are no obstructions in the launch and reception.
4. Make sure there are no radio transmitters on the edge of the bridge, and if necessary, shift the antennas.
5. Check if you use a channel that is too close in frequency to generate a high packet drop rate, if you need to change another channel.
6. Determine if the IP address is successfully pinged.
If all the inspections are done well, still can not solve the problem, then please call Shenzhen Lean Technology Co., Ltd. professional customer service or professional technology, do not disassemble the device shell without permission, after unsecuring open there will be no warranty after-sales situation.

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