veteran! Hager Bus Service for Boao Forum for Asia for Eight Consecutive Years

On March 23, the Boao Forum for Asia 2017, the theme of “Facing the Future of Globalization and Free Trade”, opened in Boao, Hainan. Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli will attend the opening ceremony and deliver a keynote speech. As an important part of the Forum's successful organization, large and medium-sized passenger vehicles that undertake the task of providing transportation services shuttle back and forth between the venues, drawing special attention. Among them, the most frequently encountered and the most numerous was the Suzhou Golden Dragon High-gear Passenger Car, which was a dazzling star outside the conference venue.

It is understood that as the official designated service guarantee unit of the Boao Forum for Asia, it is also the only unit designated by the Hainan Provincial Foreign Affairs Office to provide commuter service protection for the Greater China and Pakistani Airlines. The total number of large and medium-sized passenger vehicles participating in the Forum's transportation service support work this year is the total 73 vehicles, of which nearly 60 were Higer buses, accounted for nearly 80% of the total, which is called the "main force." Since being selected as the bus service for the Boao Forum in 2009, this year has been Hager's eighth consecutive year serving the event.

As we all know, the Boao Forum for Asia is an important window for China to connect with the world. It aims to let the world hear the voices of China and Asia, and also allow China and Asia to better integrate into the world. It is one of the important platforms for homeland diplomacy and summit diplomacy in China. It is precisely for this reason that the service forum is not only a kind of supreme honor and heavy responsibility, but also an arduous political task. It must ensure that it is "failsafe." If the vehicle fails during service, it will not only affect the normal operation of the forum, but also cause bad international influence.

Very special event must have a very good choice. For this reason, the SAIC Group's travel company is extremely harsh when it comes to selecting vehicles. First of all, we must have excellent quality to ensure absolute safety, stability and reliability. Due to the concentration of the transfer work and the strict control of the number of vehicles, the CMB that undertakes the Boao Forum Forum's transportation service work is basically a high-frequency, full-load operation. Some vehicles even go back and forth between the airport and the hotel and the venue for 8 days a day. In many cases, the operating mileage exceeds 300 kilometers, which requires the service bus to have high security and high attendance, and it is absolutely not allowed to drop anchors and other “dropping chains”. At the same time, after-sales service must be able to give force, to be on standby for 24 hours, and to complete emergency plans in advance to achieve seamless convergence. In addition, due to major national events, the honored guests include political figures, follow-up staff, and media representatives from various countries. The grade, shape, cleanliness, and comfort of the vehicles must meet the highest standards in order to demonstrate a good external environment. Image.

The Hager bus just gathered many advantages and satisfactorily met all the stringent requirements and became a veteran of the Boao Forum car. Over the years, all Haig buses that participated in the forum services have maintained the best operation status and delivered an excellent response to the continuous “zero fault” performance. They were fully affirmed and praised by the protection unit and representatives of the forum guests.

Behind this, in addition to the excellent quality Haig Bus always has, its rich nanny-style intimate service experience also contributed. It is understood that Haig Bus and SAIC Group have long been associated. The two sides have established a deep trust partnership in long-term close cooperation. Use Higgs to give them more confidence, peace of mind and peace of mind. In the major events at the Doha Asian Games, the Beijing Olympic Games, the Shanghai World Expo, the Guangzhou Asian Games, the National Two Conferences and other major domestic and foreign events, the Hager passenger vehicles have assumed important responsibilities and successfully completed the service guarantee work. They have won wide acclaim and established a mature set of services. Perfect service specifications and standards have made the Haig Bus even more adept at serving the event.

It is worth mentioning that this year's Boao Forum includes "artisan spirit: the ultimate in 'manufacturing'", "going out, going in, going up" and "innovator's DNA". As one of the leading companies in large- and medium-sized buses of China's own brands, the unremitting efforts of Hager Bus are undoubtedly in line with these themes. It can be said that precisely because of the “artisan spirit” Haig Bus has always insisted on, we strive for excellence, strive for excellence, and move forward. Hager's product quality can stand the test of tens of thousands of customers; it is precisely because of the quality of the Haig bus. Strong, have the courage to insist on going out, to enter the overseas market, and really go in, to take root in the local, but also through the high-end market, and to go up to become an outstanding representative of independent brand passenger cars. Innovation is exactly the DNA of the Hagrid train moving forward steadily.

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