· Urumqi City Motor Vehicle Pollutant Emission Source Database and Distribution Map Completed

The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Environmental Protection Science Research Institute and the Urumqi Environmental Protection Bureau and the Zhejiang University School of Environment and Resources jointly undertaken the “Urumqi Motor Vehicle Air Pollutants Impact on Air Quality” project, recently passed the acceptance of the Science and Technology Department of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. .
Lu Rensheng, deputy director of the Oasis Urban Atmospheric Environment Research Institute of Xinjiang Environmental Protection Research Institute, said that the project was launched in 2011, mainly to carry out research on the emission factors of motor vehicle air pollutants in Urumqi, and to establish a complete Urumqi machine in combination with GIS tools. The strong database and distribution map of pollutant emissions from motor vehicles provide a scientific basis for formulating vehicle exhaust pollution management measures and improving the quality of the atmospheric environment in the main city.
Project research shows that the annual nitrogen oxides emitted by motor vehicles in Urumqi account for more than 20% of the total nitrogen oxide emissions of Urumqi, which is the pollutant that has the greatest impact on air in motor vehicle exhaust. The impact of motor vehicle exhaust on the atmospheric environment in the north of the city is greater than that in the south of the city.
Vehicles with high NOx emissions include gasoline and diesel buses, heavy goods vehicles and passenger vehicles, of which heavy-duty trucks account for 60%, passenger vehicles are large in quantity, and nitrogen oxide emissions are second only to public transport. car.
In terms of carbon monoxide emissions, buses emit 4 times and 2 times more emissions than light trucks and heavy goods vehicles. The elimination of one petrol bus can be exchanged for the environmental capacity of carbon monoxide emissions from eight natural gas buses.
In addition, the pollutants emitted by various types of vehicles at start-up are greater than the emissions of one kilometer. Taking a passenger car that burns gasoline as an example, a discharge of 20.159 g of carbon monoxide, 1.078 g of nitrogen oxides, and 0.017 g of particulate matter are initiated. The emissions per kilometer were 12.356 grams of carbon monoxide, 0.595 grams of nitrogen oxides, and 0.006 grams of particulate matter.
According to the investigation and research, the project team proposed that in order to further effectively control the pollution of motor vehicles in Urumqi, the implementation of motor vehicle environmental protection label classification management and exhaust gas detection system should promote the use of low-pollution and low-emission vehicles and IC cards. ID card management system, as soon as possible to build a vehicle traffic pollution supervision and management information network covering the city. At the same time, it is also necessary to improve fuel economy and increase the supervision of vehicle oil products.

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