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Tianjin Keweier Intelligent Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive group company integrating product production and after-sales service. The company's main business is: fingerprint lock, fingerprint code lock, smart lock, smart home, smart cat's eye, intelligent security system, company Depending on the quality of life, after-sales service is the fundamental purpose, the company has stores in major building materials markets, Red Star Meikailong, Suning and Gome have flagship stores, Wumart, China Resources Supermarket, Renren Supermarket have exhibition halls, products are everything. And the site can also be a free experience, rush to buy it, welcome to you!
Tianjin flagship store: 307, Block D, Haitai Information Plaza, Huayuan Industrial Park, Nankai District, Tianjin. Note: How much is consumed and how much activity is going on! As long as you go to the store and send a 200-card shopping card immediately, no matter how you spend, you have a limited number of places, so make a reservation now!
Home smart door lock function introduction:
1, virtual password
Virtual passwords prevent passwords from being snooped. It can input any number before and after the password of the door opening, increase the length of the password, and eliminate the possibility of the door opening password being peeped. Therefore, when opening the door, you can add more than one or more groups of garbled characters before and after the correct password, as long as there is a continuous and correct password in this set of data, you can open the home smart door lock.
2, voice prompts
The entire voice prompts, the use of settings is simple and convenient, can make the operation more simple and easy to understand, all ages. During the use, the voice function is activated to guide the user through the door opening operation, so that the user knows whether the operation of each step is correct and prompts the user for the next operation. Especially for the elderly or children is very practical, so that they can be handy during the operation process, reducing their psychological exclusion of high-tech products because they do not understand the operation.
3, touch sensing
Omis Home Smart Door Lock uses a high-strength, drill-through touch-sensitive screen, which abandons traditional mechanical buttons and allows you to experience sensitive touch like a smart phone.
4, report loss function:
When the door card is lost, the lost card can be set aside, effectively solving the worries of the loss of the card.
5, low battery alert
When the battery is low, voice reminds automatically, but it can still be turned on >100 times
6, external Power Supply configuration
When the battery is exhausted, an external 9V battery can be started to ensure that the lock can be used normally under any circumstances.
7, flood alarm function
Equipped with security level flood prevention sensor module, the high-decibel warning alarm will sound for a long time once the lock sensing occurs. Encountered abnormal opening and external violence damage, or the door lock slightly off the door, a strong alarm sound, can attract the attention of the people around to effectively prevent the thieves from illegal acts.
8, remote control open the door
The home smart door lock can realize the remote control to open the door. This function is connected with the Internet. The door lock can be controlled by the mobile phone in any place in the world. Especially when parents or relatives and friends visit and when they are not at home, they can use this function to remotely control home smart door locks to allow them to enter the door.
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