· Tariffs reduce the number of customs declarations at imported automobile ports

On July 1, the State Council Tariff Commission announced the first day of implementation of the policy of reducing the import tariffs on complete vehicles and parts. Tianjin is the main port for China's automobile imports. On the same day, Tianjin Customs accepted a total of 5,773 votes for import declarations and 22,410 vehicles for import cars. The daily customs declaration volume was 2.6 times that of the average daily basis for the first five months of this year. "Today, the number of imported cars at the Xinsha Port is nearly 15,000, which is the largest single-day import declaration in recent years," said Wei Xiangyu, chief of the Customs Clearance Section of Xinsha Customs.
In order to ensure the convenient customs clearance and efficient port evacuation of the Xinsha Port, Xinsha Customs has made in-depth policy announcements and interpretations of major automobile import enterprises in the jurisdiction, mastered the enterprise planning and appeals, and solved problems for enterprises; on the other hand, continuously improved the intelligentization of vehicle customs clearance. The level of supervision, optimization of the vehicle intelligent customs clearance system, implementation of early declaration, priority declaration. "We also exerted the advantages of customs inspection and integration, opened the 'sea inspection' mode, and actively extended the customs clearance process to implement the import vehicle, relying on, unloading, inspection and 'one inspection' to minimize the stay of imported cars at the port. Time." Wei Xiangyu said.
It is understood that in order to ensure the implementation of the policy, in response to the situation of enterprises in the centralized declaration of the area after July 1, Tianjin Customs will make a pre-judgment of the declaration amount in advance, formulate an emergency plan, arrange an appointment to work overtime, optimize the customs clearance process, and simplify the handling procedures. Improve customs clearance time.


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