Mass flow meter inspection and maintenance

In the process of working on the mass flow meter, it is necessary to do inspection and maintenance. In the process of using Coriolis mass flow meters, there will be zero drift, and we must learn to analyze the causes of zero drift and find a solution. Tianchen Bo Rui mass flow meter zero drift occurred, will lead to measurement accuracy is not accurate enough. Therefore, we often need to test and maintain the mass flowmeter.
1, zero check (zero calibration)
Zero drift is a common problem encountered in the actual operation of Coriolis force mass flowmeters: There are many factors that cause zero drift, such as the installation stress of the sensor, the asymmetry of the measuring tube, and the change of the physical characteristics of the measured fluid. Especially in the small flow measurement, zero drift has a more serious impact on the measurement accuracy. Therefore, it is very necessary to carry out regular zero check and adjustment.
The zero point inspection shall be carried out at least once every three months. When the production allows, the zero-point inspection interval should be shortened appropriately for Coriolis force mass flowmeters installed at important monitoring points. Whether or not the zero calibration is complete is the key to directly affecting whether the flowmeter operates within the accuracy range.
2. Inspection of working parameters
During the use of the flowmeter, it should always pay attention to whether the set working parameters have been changed, and the displayed flow, density, and temperature values ​​are normal. If there are large differences between the flowmeters and the actual conditions, the method described in the instruction manual can be used. Re-zero flow calibration. If the above work still does not feel normal after the completion of the work, you should check the internal settings of the transmitter operating parameters are correct.
3, regular observation of the flow meter fault indicator
According to the flow meter's model, specifications, and manufacturer's different fault display methods and content are also different. For different fault alarm indications, check the product instruction manual to determine the cause of the fault and proceed with the processing.
4, regular and comprehensive inspection and maintenance
For the flow meter in use, a thorough inspection shall be carried out regularly: from the aspects of the appearance of the sensor, the firmness of the installation, the vibration of the process pipeline, the indication of the transmitter and the display instrument, and so on, the problems should be dealt with in a timely manner.
5, establish a file of the flowmeter
In order to ensure the long-term reliable operation of the flowmeter, the user should establish a file of the flowmeter and make a detailed record of each inspection, maintenance, and verification record and put it into a file in order to facilitate better maintenance and use in the future.
6, for the maintenance of easy scaling fluid maintenance
Flowmeter is easy to measure scale (such as scale, wax) fluid is, should always check the operation of the device, when found that the flowmeter is not working properly or a large deviation, it should first consider the possibility of scaling in the sensor, the sensor should be Remove and use proper methods such as purging or cleaning.
7, regular calibration
According to the different applications of the flow meter, and according to the standard system requirements for regular calibration.
Mass flow meter has high precision and strong stability. In order to maintain these characteristics of the mass flow meter, it is necessary to check and maintain the mass flow meter from time to time. Only when the mass flowmeter is in good condition can accurate measurements be made and the mass flowmeter can be fully utilized.


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