It is a mystery that there are strange mud spots in the engine room.

The “Oil Throttle” incident caused the new CR-V to be completely sold out, and the Japanese car began to be pushed to the cusp of public opinion. Nissan Sylphy and Tiida have recalled a total of 690,000 safety hazards due to the brake system. Most Japanese car owners are dissatisfied with the attitude and solutions of the manufacturers.

Recently, the Toyota Camry, which is known as the "Oucar" for its excellent quality due to its excellent quality, has recently been exposed to the "mud gate" incident due to design problems. The engine compartment even has a large amount of mud, affecting the daily use of vehicles. Friends also worry about the impact on the life of components, which has caused heated discussions on the Internet.


Especially when driving on rainy days, the accumulation of mud and water will increase. Rainy days on muddy roads may be even more miserable. If you do not clean regularly, you will get more and more.

At this time, netizens may ask, what's the fear of muddy water? The accumulation of mud and water for many years may lead to corrosion, short circuit or damage of components such as harness connectors or electronic control units.

And, a large number of riders upload pictures to confirm the problem of mud water in the engine compartment.


The inside of the fender is covered with mud


The inside of the cabin is covered with mud


There is also a gap in the top of the shock absorber tower. The mud point will also enter.


After careful discovery, it can be observed that due to the small size of the mudguard inside the wheel arch, the gap between the top and the top of the suspension tower is large.

When the vehicle is running, muddy water cannot be effectively isolated, causing muddy water to enter the engine compartment. Or there is less of a piece of iron plate in the picture below. The picture shows that one palm can be extended directly.


At present, GAC Toyota has explained the situation. A small amount of muddy water will affect the local aesthetics and will not affect the performance of the engine. However, considering the concerns of the owners about the circuit, the following solutions are given:



But is it true that the mud in the engine compartment will not really affect the engine?

The answer is of course no! At present, the electrical equipment of the car engine compartment is basically waterproofed, especially the harness plug, and the waterproof capacity is very good.

In fact, all the car engine compartments are not airtight. Entering some rainwater and a small amount of mud will not affect the engine itself, but it will not work for a long time.

Especially the snow-melting agent sprayed in the winter in the north, if the snow-melting agent enters the engine compartment, it still has certain corrosiveness to its internal rubber parts.

However, GAC Toyota has issued an improvement plan announcement for this situation. The owner can go to the 4S shop for construction work in the near future. As the world-famous model, Camry appears to have such an inappropriate design that it should be unavoidable. Why did the problems that were not discovered before come up?

The Japanese car that has always been rigorous in the carmaking process, why are these problems occurring now?

It has to be said that the quality of Japanese cars is becoming more and more frequent, and the product power is no matter how good. If you do not put quality issues in check, you will lose more potential consumers. In serious cases, CR-V will cause public outrage. phenomenon.

In the fiercely competitive market environment, poor workmanship, reduced distribution, and cutting corners and materials have become more of a concern to consumers. Consumers’ right to speak is gradually increasing. How can consumers convince consumers if they do not pay attention?

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