Henan West Expressway Grand Channel Five Project opened to traffic

Henan West Expressway Grand Channel Five Project opened to traffic On the morning of December 31st, 2012, there were no flowers and no ceremonies. With the deputy governor of Henan Province, Zhang Dawei gently pressed the Zhenglu Expressway Zhoushan Tollgate pass card issuing button, Henan Province, Yuxi Expressway Grand Channel five projects (A total investment of 25.4 billion yuan and a total length of 348.2 kilometers) was announced and opened to traffic. At this point, the total mileage of highways in Henan Province jumped to 5,800 kilometers, ranking seventh in the country for the seventh consecutive year; the county basically achieved counties (cities) 20 minutes on the highway.

In recent years, the rapid development of expressway construction in Henan Province, but the problem of unbalanced development is still quite outstanding. The density of expressways in Luoyang, Sanmenxia and Nanyang, which are located in the mountainous areas of western Henan, is relatively low, especially in Jixian, Luanchuan and Luoyang. Ning, Lushi, Luanchuan and other areas do not even pass through the highway. In order to change this situation, the Henan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government decided to accelerate the construction of expressways and inter-provincial corridors in the western part of Henan Province, implement the strategy for the development of the Yuxi Expressway, and speed up the construction of Luoyang to Jixian to Zichuan and Lushan to Xixia. From Luoyang to Luoning to Lushi, Sanmenxia to Lushi to Luanchuan and other highway projects, the total mileage is 610 kilometers.

The five projects of the large expressway of the Yuxi Expressway that were completed and opened to traffic are Luoyang-Yongchuan Expressway Luoyang-Yongxian County (62.70 kilometers in total length), Ganxian County-Yichuan County (66.5 kilometers in total length); Zhengzhou-Lu The highway between Luoyang and Luoning (70.7km in length), Luoning to Lushi (68.2km in length), Sanmenxia to Lingchuan Expressway from Lingbao to Lushi (80.9km in length). All the five projects are under the unified planning of the Henan Provincial Department of Transportation, the Office of the Office of Charges and Repayments of the Expressway Management Center, and the construction of Henan Expressway Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Henan Transportation Investment Group. All five projects are located in Shenshan District. Among them, Luoyang-Zichuan Expressway is connected with a bridge and tunnel, the ratio of bridge to tunnel is up to 57%, and the largest single span of continuous steel bridges of Liziping Bridge is 170 meters; the piers of Datiegou Extra-large Bridge from Luoyang to Luoning Section of Zhengzhou-Lushi Expressway Up to 120 meters high, the bridge is 183 meters high; Sanmenxia-Yongchuan Expressway Lingbao-Lushi Dushan Section is 2960 meters long... These have created a precedent for the Henan Expressway construction. Facing the heavy hills and roundabouts, the construction, construction, and supervision units always adhered to the principle of paying equal attention to quality and progress. They used sweat and wisdom to overcome one difficulty and one difficulty, so that the qualified rate of the project reached 100%, and the excellent and good rate reached 93%.

Sun Tingxi, party secretary and head of the Henan Provincial Department of Transportation and Communications, told reporters that the Henan Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government attached great importance to the construction of the large-aisle highway in the west of Henan Province. Provincial Party Secretary Lu Zhangong, Governor Guo Gengmao, and Vice Governor Zhang Dawei and other provincial leaders have repeatedly visited the construction site to guide their work and help coordinate the solution to the difficulties encountered in the construction. Lu Zhangong also visited the construction site of the Zhenglu Expressway. He cordially extended sympathy and sympathy to the frontline construction workers and asked the party committees, governments, and construction units at all levels along the line to ensure that the mountainous highways in the western part of Henan Province are built into ecological roads and environmental protection roads for the benefit of the people. Landscape Road and Xingfu Road have made new contributions to the economic development of western Henan and the construction of the Central Plains Economic Zone.

The Henan Provincial Department of Transportation and Party Committee effectively strengthened the organization and leadership of the project construction, established the high-speed and large-aisle construction headquarters of the western part of Henan Province, set up a special work office, and fully focused on fundraising, follow-up inspection and environmental coordination, and continuously increased Project supervision and support.

Luoyang, Sanmenxia City, Yuxian County, and the three counties of Yuxian County and Luoyang City along the west of Henan Expressway have established the construction coordination headquarters under the leadership of the city leaders to create a favorable construction environment for the construction of the project. The project companies have worked hard to overcome many difficulties in the construction of deep mountains and ensure the smooth progress of project construction.

The opening of the Wuzhi Expressway in the west of Henan Province has further improved the highway network in Henan Province, promoted the rapid development of new towns, industrial clusters and new rural communities and the coordinated development of the regional economy, stimulating regional tourism development and improving the people along the route. The standard of living is of great significance.

It is reported that Henan Province also plans to build Sanmenxia-Yinchuan Expressway Sanmenxia Yellow River Railroad dual-purpose bridge, Lushi to Xiping Section, Xiping to provincial boundaries, Wuyi to Xixia Expressway Laoshan to Longchuan Section, and Longchuan to West Gorge section.

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