Factory Price Agr Tyre for Agriculture Farm Tractor

Model NO.: R1 (18.4-26)
Tread Pattern: Circumferential Pattern
Brand: HFX
Main Market: All Over The World
Tyre Pattern: R1, F2, R4,Sks600,Mpt
Tyre Size: 18.4-26
Tyre Rubber: Malaysia
Tyre Steel Cord: Italy
Tyre Delivery: 15 Days
Tyre Type: Bias
Tyre Certification: ISO, DOT, CCC
Tyre Usage: Harvesters
Tyre Name: Factory Price Agr Tyre for Agriculture Farm Tracto
Wheel Diameter: 24 Inch
Trademark: kebek
Transport Package: standard
Specification: as mentioned
Origin: Shandong, China
HS Code: 4011
Factory Price AGR Tyre for Agriculture Farm Tractor

Agriculture tyre characters:
  1. Good tractive force and overpassing force, standing wear, suitable for driving on the soft-road.
  2. Designed with a graduated long-bar tread pattern. This bar is designed to give the shoulder an approximate 30 degree angle while the center shifts to a 45 degree angle.
    1) Machinery for manufacturing tire: Major machinery are from Germany and Italy
    2) Rubber: From Malysia, and other Green material from Europe
    3) Technology Team: 15 Engineers from Hankook car tire factory prevously
    4) Rules and management: Strictly rules and management to gurantee the best product in each procedure
    5) Workers: More than 10 years working expereice in the same process to get smooth and handle all things in the right time

Minimum order: One 40HQ conatiner with mixed sizes.
Delivery time: Based on the orders, normally 25 days after receiving the deposit.
Payment term: 30% TT deposit and within 7 days balacne against the B/L copy or L/C at sight.
Warranty: 50000KM

Pattern Advantages:
1. Comfort:
    Diverse blocks distribution upgrades softness while ensures tread strength, enhances shock absorption and increases driving comfort.
2. Silence:
    Densely distributed small blocks efficiently offset noises made by air emission in the grooves. Simulated diverse and irregular pitch order decreases vibration noise.
3. Stability:
    Special bead design ensures closer contract between inflated tire and the rim, avoids flying up of tire toe, and enhances safety.
4. Slip Resistance
    Optimal 4 channel-grooves maximize slip resistance; Ensure quickly drainage on wet roads, promises safe drive on rainy days. Tread compound containing silicon upgrades wet performance and ensures safety drive on wet pavement.
5. Handling
    Center rib upgrades maneuverability and braking performance, increases grip force and operating stability wider rubber-road contract area improves sticking force on wet and dry pavements. Enhanced blocks upgrade steering and braking, provides better maneuverability.
1 4.00-12-4PR TT R1
2 5.00-12-6PR TT R1
3 600-12-6PR TT R1
4 600-14-8PR TT R1
5 6.00-16-8PR TT R1
6 6.50-16-8PR TT R1
7 7.50-16-8PR TT R1
8 750-20-8PR TT R1
10 9.50-20-8PR TT R1
11 8.3-24-6PR TT R1
12 9.5-24-6PR TT R1
13 11.2-24-6PR TT R1
14 11.2-28-6PR TT R1
15 12.4-24-8PR TT R1
16 12.4-28-8PR TT R1
17 13.6-24-8PR TT R1
18 13.6-28-8PR TT R1
19 14.9-24-8PR TT R1
20 14.9-28-8PR TT R1
21 16.9-28-8PR TT R1
22 16.9-30-10PR TT R1
23 11.2-38-8PR TT R1
24 18.4-30-10PR TT R1
25 18.4-34-10PR TT R1
26 18.4-38-10PR TT R1
27 20.8-38-10PR TT R1
28 16.9-34-10PR TT R1
29 14.9-30-10PRTT  R1
30 15.5-38-10PR TT R1
31 400-12-4PRTT F2
32 400-12-4PRTL F2
33 400-19-4PRTT F2
34 400-19-4PRTL F2
35 500-15-4PRTT F2
36 500-15-4PRTL F2
37 550-16-8PRTT F2
38 550-16-8PRTL F2
39 600-16-8PRTT F2
40 600-16-8PRTL F2
41 650-16-8PRTT F2
42 650-16-8PRTL F2
43 7.5L-15-8PRTT F2
44 7.5L-15-8PRTL F2
45 750-16-8PRTT F2
46 750-16-10PRTL F2
47 750-18-8PRTT F2
48 750-18-8PRTL F2
49 750-20-8PRTT F2
50 750-20-8PRTL F2
51 9.5L-15-8PRTT F2
52 11L-15-8PRTT F2
53 10.00-16-10PRTT 3R F2 3RIB
54 10.00-16-10PRTL 3R F2 3RIB
55 11.00-16-10PRTT 3R F2 3RIB
56 11.00-16-12PRTL 3R F2 3RIB
57 10.00-16-10PRTT 4R F2 4RIB
58 10.00-16-10PRTL 4R F2 4RIB
59 11.00-16-10PRTT 4R F2 4RIB
60 11.00-16-12PRTL 4R F2 4RIB
61 9.5L-15-8PRTT I1
62 9.5L-15-8PRTL I1
63 11L-15-8PRTT I1
64 11L-15-8PRTL I1
65 9.5L-14-8PRTT  I1
66 9.5L-14-8PRTL I1
67 11L-14-8PRTT I1
68 11L-14-8PRTL I1
69 11L-16-8PRTT I1
70 11L-16-8PRTL I1
71 11L-15-12PRTT I1
72 11L-15-12PRTL I1
73 760L-15-8PRTT I1
74 760L-15-8PRTL I1
75 12.5L-15-12PRTT I1
76 12.5L-15-12PRTL I1
77 11L-15-10PR TL F3
78 11L-16-12PR TL F3
79 10.5/80-18-12PR TL IND-3
80 12.5/80-18-12PR  TL IND-3
81 16.9-24-12PR TL R4
82 16.9-28-12PT TL R4
83 17.5L-24-10PR TL R4
84 19.5L-24-12PR TL R4
85 21L-24-12PR TL R4
86 500-8-10 Forklift
87 6.00-9-10 Forklift
88 6.50-10-12 Forklift
89 7.00-12-14 Forklift
90 8.15-15-14 Forklift
91 8.25-15-14 Forklift
92 10-16.5-10  TL S-A
93 12-16.5-12  TL S-A
94 14-17.5-14  TL sks-1

Factory Price Agr Tyre for Agriculture Farm TractorFactory Price Agr Tyre for Agriculture Farm TractorFactory Price Agr Tyre for Agriculture Farm TractorFactory Price Agr Tyre for Agriculture Farm TractorFactory Price Agr Tyre for Agriculture Farm Tractor

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The sequence of broiler cut-up order is leg,chest, by-products, leg bone removal and chest bone removal

The cut-up production line design:

1. The each cut-up line capacity is around 3000 to 4000BPH is better

2. The conveyor line speed is not more than 10m/min

3. For the manual cut-up, the conveyor line height from floor to bottom of shackle is 1450mm,

4. The cut-up products trimming

Generally: 25-30 pcs/worker/Min

Leg de-boning : 10-15 pcs/worker/Min.

5. The design of cut-up room should keep enough space for workers passing way, if needs carts, the space should be big enough

6. The cut-up operation table material should follow food safety requirement stainless steel or other food standard material.

7. The cut-up room should together with packing material storage room

8. There are tools washing and inspection area in the cut-up room

9. The floor and wall have to be easy cleaning

10. The temperature of cut-up room should around 10-15℃

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