·Emissions upgrade affects market trends 2015 is optimistic about the tractor market

Emissions upgrades affect market trends. In terms of the top priority of the heavy truck market in 2014, non-emission upgrades are the only ones. It can be said that the national IV switch has been plaguing the heavy truck market in 2014.
“The uncertainty of the implementation process of the National IV has a great impact on the sales volume of the heavy truck market in 2014.” According to industry insiders, in 2014, due to the different implementation of local emission regulations, the demand for users to purchase National III heavy trucks increased significantly at the beginning of the year. Therefore, in the first quarter of 2014, heavy truck sales showed a significant increase of 20%.
However, with the advancement of the implementation process of the National IV, the multi-country III cars have been unable to be licensed, and users still have doubts about the purchase cost and use cost of the National IV vehicles, resulting in many users having been on the sidelines, resulting in the terminal market demand. Continued downturn, even the traditional peak season of gold, nine silver and ten has not improved. Overall, the high opening and lowing of the heavy truck market is directly related to the uncertainty of emission upgrades.
The high-end of heavy trucks is gradually becoming a trend. In 2014, the profit model of the freight market is ushered in a fundamental change. In the past, the model of overloading profits has gone forever. Nowadays, truck users, especially those engaged in cold chain logistics, have begun to pay more attention to transportation timeliness. Therefore, reliability and durability have become important factors for users to choose.
According to this trend, in 2014, China's heavy truck companies successively launched high-end heavy trucks, such as Dongfeng Tianlong Ultimate, Jiefang JH6, Heavy Duty Truck SITRAK, Auman GTL Super Edition, Jieshi Changtu Edition, etc. More and more obvious.
The market segmentation is uneven. In 2014, the market share of domestic heavy trucks in various market segments also showed significant changes. Among them, tractors rose by 4.4%, trucks rose by 0.4%, and dump trucks fell by 14%.
The reason for this feature is that the country’s economic growth has slowed down, leading to a decline in infrastructure and real estate investment. At the same time, due to the sharp decline in coal production in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Xinjiang, etc., the sales of dump trucks related to coal mining and transportation were greatly affected. In contrast, high-powered, large-displacement tractors have gradually become the mainstream of the industry, and road vehicles have become the main direction of various OEMs. In 2014, heavy trucks and Shaanxi Automobile, which are known for dump trucks, have achieved significant improvements in the tractor market after product structure adjustment.
The muck truck market has become a new bright spot. The decline in the market share of dump trucks has not affected the sales of muck trucks. In 2014, due to the influence of policies, the muck truck market experienced rapid growth and became a highlight of the heavy truck market in 2014.
It is understood that at present, Beijing, Nanjing, Changsha, Wuhan and other regions have introduced new standards and detailed implementation methods for muck. With the successive introduction of local standards and the gradual clarification of the yellow label delisting policy, it is expected that the muck truck market will see a stronger growth momentum next year or even in the next few years.
In addition, Tan Xiuqing, vice president of Shandong Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. also believes: "In the future, cities across the country will gradually update environmentally-friendly vehicles, and the demand for muck trucks will increase substantially. It is expected that urban pollution control will be more stringent in 2015, and the total demand for urban mucks will be increased. Will be further improved."
LNG heavy trucks still receive much attention In 2014, domestic natural gas heavy truck sales declined. Even so, the natural gas market is still a very promising area for the industry.
“At present, the development of the gas vehicle market is not bad. From the perspective of social benefits, gas vehicles are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, which can save costs from the user's point of view. In addition, the national IV emission upgrades make the replacement cost and the use cost of the national IV heavy trucks Significantly improved, the cost performance of natural gas heavy trucks will be further reflected, and the prospects for the future are still expected to be good." Industry insiders said.
“In the near term, although the oil price has ushered in a 12-day losing streak, the reason is due to international disputes. It does not represent the normal trend of the future. Therefore, the natural gas market still has potential to be tapped in the future. In addition, the distribution of the refueling station outlets is more The more users come, the more convenient the user is, so the sales of gas vehicles will increase.” Jiang Jianhua, manager of SAIC Iveco Hongyan Brand Communication Department, said. Tan Xiuqing also believes that although the decline in oil prices has formed certain variables, it is still too early to say that the development of the natural gas heavy truck market is blocked.
Experience marketing into a car magic weapon In 2014, the heavy truck market sales were bleak, and all car companies were innovating in the sales model. Experience marketing became the most popular word in 2014.
“Whether it is the interactive road show of Shaanxi Auto and Heavy Duty Truck, Shang Yihong’s send-in to the countryside and the car stage is the experience activity of Foton Daimler. The commonality of these activities is to let users get the experience feeling. At the same time. It also allows car companies to communicate more closely with end users. This method will be of great help to car dealers," said industry insiders.
In addition to offline interaction, online activities have also become the main direction of car companies. The Auman GTL online panning platform and the joint truck WeChat snapping activity are all classic cases. In addition, dealers have begun to get involved in this field, and have opened online and micro stores, I believe this trend will become more apparent in 2015.
2015 heavy truck sales forecast is different for the 2015 heavy truck market, Yang Zaiyu predicted that due to the tens of thousands of National III cars in the market need to be digested at the beginning of the year, it is expected that the heavy truck sales in the first half of 2015 will not be optimistic, and the second half will be policy-oriented and Driven by the rigid demand of users, heavy truck sales may recover, but will remain at the level of 2014 for the whole year, and the positive and negative will not exceed 5%.
"In terms of market structure, the share of tractors may increase, the market of dump trucks and mixer trucks will be affected by unfavorable factors such as the slowdown in fixed asset investment, the shock adjustment of the real estate industry, and the adjustment of the bottom of the energy and minerals industry, which may decline year-on-year. Sales of road and municipal vehicles will increase slightly year-on-year," industry sources said.
Jiang Jianhua believes that the heavy truck market in 2015 should not be too pessimistic, because after the official implementation of the National IV emission upgrade in 2015, some of the wait-and-see users will definitely make up their minds to purchase the National IV products. In addition, the continuous advancement of expressway construction and the re-repair of national highways will stimulate the demand for logistics vehicles and their share will continue to grow. At the same time, in the case of a decline in the domestic market, truck companies have begun to target overseas markets. In 2014, domestic heavy truck companies have achieved remarkable results. It is believed that in 2015, auto companies will continue to seize market share overseas. Therefore, there will be a rational growth in the heavy truck market in 2015, with sales ranging from 76 to 700,000 units.

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