Can Jianghuai Xingrui win the game? Prospects of European Light Bus Market (4)

March 2, 2017, may be a very important day for the European light passenger market.

This is because, on this day, once in the industry's third place, Jianghuai Xingrui will formally blew the clarion call of the market counterattack. This counterattack is not only a turning point, but also a life and death battle.

Star sharp counterattack

Jiang Huai Xing Rui, although the birth time is not long, but there have been glorious history.

In early 2011, Jianghuai Xingrui, the first European-based multi-functional commercial vehicle produced by Jianghuai Automobile, went on sale and launched the "Ice-breaking" action at the then European light passenger market. At that time, there was hardly any new brand in the European Department of Light Passenger Market. It was entirely dominated by the two oligopolists of Nanjing Iveco and Jiangling Transit, sharing the lucrative profits of this industry. In the first year of its listing (2011), Star Rui sold 1,227 cars on a single 5.9-meter long-axis car with a sleek Mercedes-Benz Sprinter model and 4JB1 technology 2.8T diesel engine. , occupying 13-15% of the market share in the long-axis segment. In 2012, Jianghuai Xingrui further broke through the monopoly market with sales of 2,911 units, ranking third in the industry. In 2013, the sales of Xingrui 4 Series short-axis models went on sale, and Xingrui sales continued to grow 84% year-on-year to 5,364 units.

The second generation Jianghuai Xing Rui 6 series refrigerated truck

However, after achieving a period of historical high sales (6291 units) in 2014, Jianghuai Xingrui failed to continue the rapid growth momentum due to various reasons, and the gap with the later SAIC Chase gradually widened. In 2016, Jianghuai Xingrui sold 3042 vehicles, a year-on-year decrease of 47%, ranking fifth in the industry.

Jianghuai Xing Rui, how can we return to the mainstream market?

Country V may become a turning point

The country’s five emissions cannot be overstated with regard to the strategic significance of Jianghuai Xingrui and even Jianghuai Automobile. This is because Jianguo Huai Motor Co., Ltd.'s preparations for the country's efforts in respect of the country's power are much richer than those of the National IV implemented since January 1, 2015.

In 2017, through the implementation of the national five emissions policy opportunities across the country (this year on January 1 has been implemented in the new five-car passenger cars, July 1 will be implemented on heavy diesel vehicles in the country five, January 1 next year Implementation of light diesel vehicles in the country five), with Jianghuai in the country on the combination of light gasoline engine and diesel engine, Jianghuai Xingrui will soon blow the horn full of counterattack, its latest research and development of second-generation Xing Rui products, will become its light in Europe The guest market started the protagonist of the new battle. According to public information, the second-generation Xing Rui has started to promote in a few areas such as Shanghai in the fourth quarter of last year. On the upcoming March 2nd, Jianghuai will hold a second-generation national launch conference for its second-generation Xingrui products in Hainan. New products are fully promoted and sold.

The second-generation Jianghuai Xingrui can help Jianghuai to return to the top four in the European light market and even challenge the industry's top three?

Where is the "fulcrum" for turning over?

The analysis of the first commercial vehicle network believes that for Xingrui, the two characteristics it possesses may be the “fulcrums” and “leverage” of its re-emergence.

The first is its accumulated customer base. The customer base of the European light passenger market is different from trucks and large and medium-sized passenger cars. It is also different from cars. The most difficult threshold to cross is the “from scratch”, with a stable group of users. According to statistics, after six years of development, Jianghuai Xingrui has already sold about 25,000 vehicles. The customers who operate these vehicles are the valuable "stock assets" of Xingrui, and it is also the second generation of Xingrui that can make faster efforts. And expand the important foundation of market reputation.

This is followed by the product characteristics of the second generation Xingrui. According to the first commercial vehicle network, the appearance of the second-generation Jianghuai Xingruguo Five New Products has not changed much (it is still Lingter Modeling), and the main changes are reflected in the internal quality. It will focus on the "golden power, reliable, spacious, easy to save," and other four customer values ​​and concepts, around the large space, power upgrades and five years 200,000 km long warranty made a fuss. In particular, its gold drive train will become the core selling point of Xingrui. The first commercial vehicle network still remembers that the two generations of Star Trek 2.0T+, 1.9CTI, and 2.7CTI, the three self-producing countries and five powers, had already begun planning and research and development in advance as early as the N3 time ago. It is not a waste of legislation, "development early, complete vehicle matching, long verification time, excellent performance, is a distinctive feature of these three power, but also the second generation of star sharp in the dynamic, fuel-efficient, economical and other aspects are not Losses to the new generation of competing products on the market, and even more than a few main reasons for competing products.

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