Analysis of Development Opportunities of China's Drying Machinery Industry in 2015

Some time ago, the grain dryer made a brilliant appearance at various exhibitions, which made people see the development prospects of drying equipment. Drying equipment not only has a wide range of applications in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, etc., but also plays a significant role in the drying of cereals, greatly reducing the food due to moisture and mold problems. However, there are still some factors that restrict the development of dryers. How can we resolve the constraints so as to better grasp the development opportunities?

According to the "2013-2018 China Dryer Market Market Depth Survey and Investment Strategy Analysis Report" published by the China Reporting Hall, it is known that the constraints in the development of grain drying machinery are as follows: First, the agricultural labor force continues to increase. Of the population of more than 100 million, 800 million are in rural areas, and the vast majority of surplus labor is in rural areas. The pressure on surplus agricultural labor is huge. This will undoubtedly have adverse effects on the growth of labor grain drying machinery. Second, the growth of farmers’ income will be slow, and this will have a direct impact. Farmers' purchase capacity of agricultural machinery; Third, the import of agricultural products increased. The decrease in exports, especially after the addition of the WTO; Fourth, the agricultural machinery support policy is not in place. At the same time, we should also clearly see the unfavorable factors in the development process of grain drying machinery: First, large investment in grain drying machinery; Second, long investment recovery cycle; Third, low level of industrialization of farmers, socialized production The organizational service system and mechanism are far from being formed. Fourth, the raw grain has a high impurity rate, uneven water content, and a high quality requirement for drying machinery.

At present, grain drying mechanization in China is facing a rare opportunity for development: First, governments at all levels attach great importance to grain production, especially since 2004, the central government has introduced various measures to increase farmers' enthusiasm for grain production, and promulgated and implemented the promotion of agricultural mechanization. The law has formed a favorable policy environment such as economic support, price subsidies, and tax incentives. Second, the development of agricultural industrialization is inseparable from mechanical drying. Large grain producers, large agricultural machinery specialists, rural cooperative economic organizations, leading companies, etc., have strong desires and requirements for mechanical drying; Third, there are many kinds of drying machinery on the market, and there are practical new types of machinery and technologies available for selection and promotion. Service support; Fourth, the rapid expansion of the combine harvester and the mode of cross-regional operation, so that a large number of grains need to be dried in a timely and rapid manner; Fifth, mechanical drying can avoid losses, prevent natural disasters, prevent the site from turning over and increase the grain miscellaneous, and the grain drying Traffic safety, as well as the saving of valuable land resources, etc., The importance of developing grain drying machinery began to be widely recognized.

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