·2014 China tire industry e-commerce analysis report

I. Analysis of Tire E-commerce Products China's electric commerce has never been as proud as this year. On May 16, 2014, Jumei Premium was listed on the NYSE. A few days later, JD.com was listed on NASDAQ. On September 19th, Alibaba appeared on the New York Stock Exchange, raising $25 billion to achieve the world's largest IPO. The listing of Jingdong Ali has been the end of an old era and the beginning of a new era. In 2014, thanks to the highly-evolved e-commerce environment, the online operation of tire e-commerce was very encouraging. According to the statistics of the China Tire Business Network () E-commerce Research Center, the sales volume of each tire brand has increased in 2014, and the overall operating performance of tire e-commerce is at the upper-middle level.
1. The best-selling brand In 2014, the global tire leader “Michelin” has always maintained good results and won the title of this year's best-selling tire list. The famous international tire brand “Denglupu” followed the good sales and ranked second, domestically produced. The tire brand “Chaoyang” jumped to the third place with good quality. The "German Horse" ranked fourth with a slightly weaker gap.
2, the top ten best-selling products according to the data show that this year's "Dunlop" tire brand "Dunlop tire SP T1 205/55R16 91H" sales top-ranked, easily won the "best-selling single product of the year" title, and Nexans The tire "Nexans tires 215 225 235 245 255/30 35 40 45 50 60 55R18r19R20" ranked second this year. The Michelin tires of the Michelin tire brand 205/55R16 91V/W squeezed into the top three positions of the best-selling products.
3. Tire e-commerce price distribution In 2014, the sales price of online tires remained basically unchanged, ranging from 150 yuan to 1,500 yuan, while the tire price range of 200-500 yuan was always the most popular among consumers. Has not changed much. The turnover of 300-400 yuan tires broke the 140,000 mark, which shows that the price of civilians is still the most popular among consumers.
4, tire brand heat In the 2014 Tmall tires hot search list, the world-renowned brand "Michelin" continues to lead other brands with its good reputation, and the "Annual Search Heat Champion" title is successfully included in the bag. "Dunlop" ranked second, and other brands such as "German Horse", "Bridgestone", "Goodyear" and other international first-line brands also caught up and seized more search volume this year.
Tire brand heat 2, shop analysis 1, tire Tmall flagship store credit rating According to China Tire Business Network () E-commerce Research Center statistics, the number of tire brands currently entering the Tmall flagship store has reached 10. From the existing data, whether it is the degree of product description, or the delivery speed and service attitude of the merchants, the scores of the flagship stores of each tire brand are maintained at a medium level. In addition, from the point of view of consumers' ratings and evaluations, the current satisfaction rate of merchants' delivery speed and service attitude is generally low, and merchants still need to work hard on these two aspects.
2. Regional distribution of tire e-commerce In 2014, the geographical pattern of tire e-commerce has always diversified, and the geographical distribution of Shanghai tire e-commerce accounted for nearly half of the country. Beijing, the first-tier city that once lived in the “hegemonic” position in the e-commerce sector, has been lagging behind Zhejiang and Shandong since the second half of the year. In other provinces and cities, such as Jiangsu, Jiangxi and other places, the e-commerce business has developed rapidly, trying to "share a piece of a cup" in the tire e-commerce market, which shows that the regional competition of tire e-commerce in the future is bound to become more intense.
Third, the super tire service to achieve online and offline integration docking perspective China's current tire e-commerce model mainly has four kinds, one is the dealers in Taobao, Jingdong and other third-party e-commerce platform to open an online store, the main purpose is low prices The second is that the tire companies set up official online stores on Tmall, such as Bridgestone, Chaoyang, etc., which can not only strengthen brand promotion, but also test the water and electricity business model; third, tire companies establish their own network operators. Platform, which requires strong brand support, such as Michelin's Chia system; Fourth, the professional automotive aftermarket vertical shopping site sells tires, attracting customers through uniform and standardized services and relatively low prices. The development of China's tire e-commerce industry should follow the "online + offline" integration of seamless docking mode, to achieve "customer-centric", it is more acceptable to consumers to accept the end of the year, Tmall announced the aggregation Business line offline service power, new car standardization "super tire service", consumers can buy tires online to install near the free, and buy tires can also be paid in installments; if the tires burst within one year, the insurance company also lost 80% Tire purchase fee. The service currently covers 211 cities and more than 1,600 outlets nationwide, and the tire varieties are also very complete. Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Pirelli, Horse, Margis, Hankook, Kumho, Youke A total of 125 models of tires from 12 global brands such as Haoma, Jiatong and Chaoyang can be found, which will benefit tens of millions of riders. This super tire service is a new attempt to standardize e-commerce in O2O after-vehicle service. I believe this move will greatly promote the development of the tire e-commerce industry.
As China's economic growth slows down, the rubber tire industry begins to show a “micro-growth” trend. At the same time, product homogenization competition makes the price war become increasingly hot, and corporate pressures continue to increase. On the other hand, the United States, Russia and other countries continue to The implementation of “double-reverse” investigations on Chinese tires has led to a significant increase in export pressure. Experts believe that the development of the tire industry investment cooling, slowing growth rate, cost increase will become the "new normal", and the development of tire e-commerce will be an important way for enterprises to deal with the "new normal."

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