2013 Keywords: Rebirth, loss of FAW will usher in spring

From FAW's red flag rebirth to Dongfeng's major autonomy, and SAIC's independence to face the joint venture brand, Changan's autonomy and joint venture walk on two legs, BAIC Saab Technology fully imports its own brand... If you browse through major auto groups The performance and development of 2012-2013, "autonomy" is undoubtedly their biggest and most important keyword. Behind this is the desire and determination of the Chinese auto industry to become bigger and stronger local brands. In 2013, this wish may soon come true. - Editor

Autonomy is the absolute theme of FAW Group in 2013. After the brewing adjustment in 2012, FAW Group will really welcome the stage from the main outbreak.

Xu Jianyi, Chairman of FAW Group, once said: “In recent years, FAW has become the most important time period for autonomy. There will be a large number of vehicles queued up for listing, and the middle and high-end layout will also be launched.” In mid-2012, the red flag brand was born again, Xu Jianyi. The Red Flag Strategy was announced at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse.

More importantly, FAW Group also conducted a large-scale personnel exchange for itself. Among them, the most interesting one is that Zhang Xiaojun, executive deputy general manager of FAW-Volkswagen Audi Sales Division, and Ge Shuwen, general manager of FAW Car Sales Co. After that, Shi Tao, Deputy General Manager of FAW-Volkswagen Sales Corp., went to FAW Group Service Trade Co., Ltd.; Su Tao, Planning Director of FAW Toyota Sales Co., Ltd., was the deputy general manager of any steam liberation sales company.

From the joint venture flow to autonomy is a major orientation of this mobilization. According to official sources of FAW Group, “The next few years are the most critical and most important years for FAW Group to develop its own brand, which requires a large amount of mature talents to serve. Taking the service of independent brands as the primary task is FAW Group’s large-scale personnel management. The main idea of ​​adjustment."

Everything is for the FAW Group's own brand in 2013 to prepare for the outbreak, it is understood that in 2013 the Hongqi brand will launch high-end SUV models, coupled with the red flag H7 previously released, this product portfolio will compete in the high-end market. In fact, the Hongqi brand will usher in an important period of opportunity: From the signal revealed by the government at this year's level, bus purchases will be significantly tilted toward independent brands while compressing the total amount.

At the recent SASAC meeting, Wang Yong, director of the SASAC, said: “The procurement of official vehicles should be based on domestic cars. We have very good domestic auto models for FAW and Dongfeng.”

The FAW Group has vigorously developed its own autonomy. In addition to its own development needs, it is not under pressure from the outside world. Judging from the current sales statistics of major groups, it is no surprise that FAW Group will still be ranked third in the domestic group this year, and there is still a large gap between its sales and Dongfeng. Outside the joint venture, the self-owned brand will become the main battlefield for future major groups.

In terms of passenger vehicles, FAW's own brands face pressure. The FAW Car's third-quarter earnings report disclosed just recently announced that it expects net profit for July to September 2012 to be a loss of 193 million yuan to 288 million yuan, compared with a profit of 49.86 million yuan in the same period of last year. Some analysts pointed out that in 2013, the situation of FAW Car's loss will not be fundamentally reversed.

Under the impact of the cost advantage of private car companies and the impact of high-end strategies, how the development of self-owned brands of state-owned enterprises is worthy of consideration by decision makers such as FAW.

For commercial vehicles, FAW's liberation is still lagging behind Beiqi Foton and Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles, and it may even lag behind companies such as Jianghuai and Jinbei. In fact, FAW Group has long recognized the importance of independent business at the strategic level of the company. When Xu Jianyi first took office, he put forward the slogan of “regardless of everything”. In recent years, both general manager recruitment and structural adjustment have been Prepare for independence. In 2013, FAW was uneasy, but it will also be a new beginning.

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