20*1.75" Motorcycle Butyl Rubber Inner Tube (CB-11-12)

Model NO.: cb-11-12
Tire Hierarchy: 10PR
Customized: Customized
Cord Material: Cotton
Condition: New
Color: Black
Size: 24X1 3/8
Valve: Tr4
Model: Motorcycle / Bicycle Inner Tube
.Material: Natrual Rubber or Butyl Rubber
Tie-in Tensile Strength: >8MPa
Market: Export
Trademark: CN-CUBE
Transport Package: as Customer Want
Specification: AS CUSTOMER WANT
Origin: China Pingxiang
HS Code: 401320000

12*1.75/2.125 12*1.75/2.125 3.00-10 12*1.75
14*1.75/2.125 14*1.75/2.125 3.00-8 14*1.75
16*1.75/2.125 16*1.75/2.125 3.5-10 16*1.75
20*1.75/2.125 18*1.75/2.125 3.5-8 18*1.75
24*1.75/2.125 20*1.75/2.125 2.25-17 20*1.75
26*1.75/2.125 22*1.75/2.125 2.50-16 24*1.75
28*1 1/2 24*1.75/2.125 2.50-17 26*1.75
27*1 1/4 26*1.75/2.125 2.50-18 10*2.125
12*2.125 12*2.125 2.75-17 14*2.125
16*2.125 14*2.125 2.75-14 16*2.125
20*2.125 16*2.125 2.75-18 18*2.125
24*2.125 18*2.125 3.00-17 20*2.125
26*2.125 20*2.125 3.00-18 24*2.125
16*3.00 24*2.125 3.25-16 26*2.125
20*3.00 26*2.125 3.00-12 12*2.4
12*2.40 28*1-1/2 3.50-16 14*2.4
16*2.40 27*1-1/4 4.00-8 16*2.4
20*2.40 28*1-3/8*1-5/8 3.25/3.5-18 18*2.4
24*1 3/8 27.5*1.90/2.125 3.50/4.10-18 20*2.4
26*1 3/8 29*1.75/2.125.7 4.50-12 24*2.4

700*18/23C 4.00-12 26*2.4

700*35/43C 5.00-12 12 1/2*3.0

16*2.5 Bended 130/90-15 16*3.0

16*3.00 Bended 110/90-16 18*3.0

18*2.50 Bended 110/90-17 26*3.0


90/90x19 12 1/2*2
Product Description
1. Excellent wearing resistance, durable, good flexibility
2.Help you to strengthen your sourcing and be more competitive.
3.Material: Natrual rubber or butyl rubber
4.with prolonged life and great load capability.
5. Used nationwide and exported to more than 30 countries.
6. Quality certificate: ISO, SGS
7. Tie-in tensile strength: ≥ 8Mpa
8. Tensile enlongation: ≥480%
9. Excellent gas-tightness and wear resistance

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